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Advise for a New Daddy?


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I've been with my Little for over 10 years and we're just now recently getting into DDLG. I love her and want to do this for her due to all the issues she goes through on a daily basis such as Chronic Kidney Stones, Depression, Social Anxiety, and an abusive childhood.

The issue is, I become selfish and for a brief time forget she's a Little and start acting like the child when the roles SHOULD be reversed. Any advice for a new Dad who throws tantrums the minute things go wrong? Even though I'm the one who caused the issue in the first place and just throw excuses instead of owning up?

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With no sugar coating.  You will have to learn how to take care of yourself before you can expect to try and take care of someone else.   You really need to work on getting yourself under-control, otherwise you will keep making the same mistakes over and over. 


If you are serious about changing, and you are unable to fix it yourself.  Then I highly suggest seeking out professional help and not listen to opinions.  See a therapist or a psychologist to help you through it. 


I am speaking through experience, I had a period once where I was losing focus and patience with my little.  Just going and talking about 5 times with a professional who broke down things, and helped me create my own order, was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Either way, it will take time, and hard work but I am sure you can do it and overcome things to be an even better daddy than before.  Good luck!

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