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Subtle little birthday ideas?

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Happy early birthday! ^^

A very nice birthday theme could be *glitter* unicorn *glitter* 

I do not think there is an age limit for a magic party with lots of balloons and super cute things c:

You can search on Pinterest for super easy ideas about a unicorn party, if I tell you some could be:
-White Balloons

-flowers crowns with unicorn horn
-much pink-purple-blue confetti everywhere
-cake pops or unicorn cupcakes
oh, there are a lot of ideas so I hope you can do it in your super party ^_^ 

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Are you celebrating with friends? You could always make it like a picnic-like thing. Get everyone to bring some food or drink along and just sit around talking. After you eat you could have simple party games like pin the tail on the donkey or pass the parcel. It's fun and since you're planning it pretty last minute, it's easy to do and not too stressful since people will be bringing some things to help out. You could hang some balloons or other decorations that make it subtly little as well.


Pinterest is awesome for party ideas, but since it's tomorrow I'm not sure how much time you have to do things. :/

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