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PSA for UK Daddies & Littles


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Hello all UK members!


Here is a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for UK Daddies and Littles........


For any fans of Mr Men and Little Miss cartoons, I have seen Aldi have some cute mugs for sale this week only with the following characters available as cartoons on the mug £1.99 each:




Mr Bump


Little Miss Giggles


Mr Happy


Little Miss Chatterbox


Mr Grumpy


Little Miss Sunshine



I have no affiliations with Aldi, these are just cute and I just thought I would share the joy! They are advertised in UK, may also be available in Europe. Details and photos will be on their website in special buys. Available from this Thursday onwards as a special, so when they are gone, they are gone. This post is just a heads up for you all to get something cute.


Stay fabulous everyone!

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Tiger also has really cute cups and such !! I bought a jar today with a pink sippie cup sealable lid for only £1 !! It’s really cute and makes me feel little and I feel like I’m able to use it in public because if people point out that it’s sorta babyish I just say it’s from tiger and that I thought it was cute !!
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