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How to convice boyfriend to DDlg?


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I have a small problem with my boyfriend. 

At first I must say that we are long-distance relationship, unfortunately. 
And so...
We know ourselves for one year, maybe a little more. After some time of talking we were writing an rp where he was my Daddy and I was his Little. We know about eachother kink. Okay, I know about his kinks more than he about mine. Oopsie. 
He is into DDlg, oh my, he would be a perfect Daddy in real life. But I want him to be Daddy even on Internet, Messenger etc. I want him to call me "baby girl" or "little one". I now that I can't force him to do this but maybe convice... 
I want to show him a bracelet which I will make. This bracelet will be like these. And maybe he will know what I mean... 

But maybe you have more ideas! Littles and Daddies, help me!  :wacko: 

Also tomorrow I am going to buy my first pacifier. I am so excited!  :wub:

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Unfortunately I don't know how to start conversation about this. It' really fragile topic.

So maybe a little suggestion... Eh, I don't know what to do

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Just be honest and open with him. I can't do vanilla relationships anymore, so when my mommy and I found each other, I just told her I was a little and I was into DDlg. And we went from there. But just be patient with it. Don't force yourself to tell him, and don't try to convince him too hard if he's unsure about it. But he should at least know how you feel and the type of lifestyle you want.

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