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    Dominant Personalities

    d/s dominant submissive question dominant personalities

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    #1 Kitten Cupcake

    Kitten Cupcake

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    Posted 25 June 2015 - 05:32 PM

    I was having a conversation with someone earlier today and the topic was personalities.

    In the d/s relationships is there a specific personality you tend to look for? Is it of importance to you? 


    I know that in dd/lg we love the care and nurture daddies give however when it's wanted or needed do you think their personalities matter when giving discipline or enforcing rules? or in a scene? (sexual/non-sexual) .  Or do you prefer a constant personality? 



    For me I like for my dominant to have that stern personality, the one where they know that they are in charge and that they own me. (a snap of a finger letting me know it's time to stop being bratty) However I love the lovable and tender side of a dominant as well and think it's important to have a few of both aspects; tenderness and sternness. I don't know if this makes any sense to anyone.


    What are your views on this? I really would like some input on this subject. 




    (not sure if this is a duplicate subject as I've never seen it before my apologies if there is one already)


    #2 Guest_DaddyDoLil_*

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    Posted 26 June 2015 - 11:25 AM

    My own personality tends to adjust with the situation I am presented. By default, I am caring, nurturing and protective, but like many Daddies/Mommies out there, I can switch gears to correct or support a little.

    So in regards to "keeping a steady personality" I find it would be hard for anyone to do so. The over all sense of someone is what really matters. Things change all the time, and we must adjust ourselves (and personalities) accordingly.


    A good caretaker is an ever vigilant caretaker!

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    #3 Guest_Pouty Kitten_*

    Guest_Pouty Kitten_*
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    Posted 26 June 2015 - 04:07 PM

    When looking for a Dominant, I want someone who is strict and stern when it comes to enforcing rules and putting me in my place. I also like someone who can be loving and caring towards me. It all really depends on your needs and wants in a relationship.

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    #4 The Perennial Princess

    The Perennial Princess

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    Posted 26 June 2015 - 05:05 PM

    I was never quite sure what I desired out of my partner let alone my papa bear figure. Vaguely, I knew that I required a partner with intelligence that was equal to or greater than my own. He would need to have the wisdom of experience but without the inevitable gloomy personality experience causes us to have. He needed to lack this element for I possessed it tenfold. I also knew that I would need to respect him but that he would need to respect me, just as much. In my papa bear I found everything I was ever looking for, regardless of whether I knew it or not. I found the teacher I always was to others but never received myself. He care so much about me and the things I care about that it routinely moves me. For instance, he will be excited to read this post, and to understand my thoughts of the day. That level of care matches my own and thus invokes my devotion. There's nothing more beautiful to me than an individual who has a great capacity to love.


    He guides me with love and gently pushes me in the right direction in all things. It's his understanding that is most rewarding and the way he loves, and lavishes me with attention, unconditionally. When I contemplate his person, my heart still lifts with joy because to me, he is truly good, a characteristic difficult to find in this world and one that I value above anyting else. I think that's why I often teasingly refer to him as 'little papa bear' because to me, he is also something pure and wondrous. He may call me angel baby but to me, he is also an angel, because he is filled with compassion and kindness. I once wrote that "he fingers my hand as gentle as a young girl winds her first ballerina box" and this stands as a testament to his entire character. His goodness, his carefulness, his understanding, makes me strive to be better. He doesn't need to place demands on me because who he is merely demands me to be good. I think that's a quality hard to find in a significant other and definitely one I would never conceptualized if I hadn't met him. 


    He teaches me things and fills in the holes of my personality effortlessly. We mesh like two puzzle pieces. From the first time I met him I could only describe the feeling he invoked in me as one of 'peace' and 'sanctuary.' When I'm with him, nothing else exists. When I'm away from him, I contemplate him from afar and revel in the glow. As a child, I never experienced the level of comfort and safety he provides me with. I know he is mine and that I am his for good because we are both hopeless romantics who are constantly working to show the other how much they are cherished.


    He calms all of my troubles, and cares for me, in all things and in all ways, without me asking him to. He always knows what I need on an intuitive level but I am certain that this fact isn't just because he is my papa bear but also my soul mate. He knows me better than I know myself and I likewise know him just as well. Though he has shaped who I am, I have also shaped who he is and caused him to be more kind, carefree, and loving while he has allowed me to be content, carefree, and more practical in nature. He isn't just my papa bear but my best friend, my soul mate, my teacher, my father figure, my mother figure, my lover. He is everything, and it's always been central to my character to have someone to look up to and love. I hold him in the highest of lights but know that he holds me in one just as high, at all times. To me, it's the striving to main this light that is so pivotal to DDLG.

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    #5 Guest_Harienju_*

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    Posted 29 June 2015 - 01:13 AM

    My daddy is both really gentle and sweet but he is able to be strict when it's time to. He knows how to have the necessary authority toward me and it really come naturally. He's always here for helping me to grow as a person, to teach me life's lessons. My daddy is really understanding toward my own feelings, and when he don't, he do his very best, take his time until he understand. When i'm scared/stressed/anxious he always has the word, the tone of voice to relax me quickly. He always make me feel safe and protected, and this, it's reallyyyyy important. 


    So I can say that a natural nurturing/dominant personality, both gentle and strict is really the ideal personality for me.

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