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Sugar-Free Sweets?

Guest curiousmiddle

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Guest curiousmiddle

This isn't exactly little-related, but lots of littles like sweets so now it's related!


I LOVE sweets. I have the biggest sweet-tooth. Cake, brownies, chocolate, cookies, pie, candy, ice cream, everything. Anything sugary and sweet I love. The thing is, I just found out I have high blood sugar! My doctor told me to cut back on sweets and stay away from things with added sugar. To say my heart broke is putting it lightly.  :(


So, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of some sugar-free sweets I should get or make. Things that taste like normal sweets without having a bunch of sugar added. 

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I like sweets but I make sure to eat lots of fruit each day.  Apples (Fuji, Honey crisp Opal), bananas, tangerines, oranges, mangos, grapes, strawberries, blackberries.  That will help you have something that can be a little sweet and really healthy.  Frozen mangos are good for smoothies and frozen grapes make a great snack.  I bake and make candy, so all on your list I'm pretty good at except pie crust.

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Paleo (it's a diet that cuts out refined sugars entirely) desserts might be something good for you to look up if you want to cut out sugar. Just google "paleo brownies" or whatever dessert you want, and try the recipes. They're a lot healthier than traditional desserts :p
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With Carbquik and sugar substitute you can make all sorts of stuff and it's really easy. The box comes with recipes on it and their website has lots too.  

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If you go to the candy aisle of Walmart, you can find tons of sugar free sweets. Although I am not gonna lie, chocolate without sugar tastes freaking awful. My favorite is sugar free gummy bears.
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Guest Naturalselectionissexy

Every one of these listed below are sugars, even those "sugar substitutes". The only time natural sugars found in fruit are okay is when they are accompanied with their fiber. This is why juicing is bad however smoothies are fine. This is also the reason why nearly anything found in the center isles of grocery stores, Whole Foods (the store) included, are bad for you. Look at the label of any package and you will likely find one of these culprits below. Sugar has been proven to be more addictive then drugs such as cocaine and heroin. 

The current recommended intake of sugar is 25g (this includes natural sugars found in fruit, some have higher sugar content than others). In a 20oz bottle of soda there is 65g. Wonder why people are unhealthy? 


1. Agave Nectar 
2. Barley Malt 
3. Beet Sugar 
4. Brown Sugar 
5. Buttered Syrup 
6. Cane Crystals 
7. Cane Juice Crystals 
8. Cane Sugar 
9. Caramel 
10. Carob Syrup 
11. Castor Sugar 
12. Confectioner’s Sugar 
13. Corn Sweetener 
14. Corn Syrup 
15. Corn Syrup Solids 
16. Crystalline Fructose 
17. Date Sugar 
18. Demerara Sugar 
19. Dextran 
20. Dextrose 
21. Diastatic Malt 
22. Diatase 
23. Ethyl Maltol 
24. Evaporated Cane Juice 
25. Fructose 
26. Fruit Juice 
27. Fruit Juice Concentrates 
28. Galactose 
29. Glucose 
30. Glucose Solids 
31. Golden Sugar 
32. Golden Syrup 
33. Granulated Sugar 
34. Grape Sugar 
35. High-Fructose Corn Syrup 
36. Honey 
37. Icing Sugar 
38. Invert Sugar 
39. Lactose 
40. Malt Syrup 
41. Maltodextrin 
42. Maltose 
43. Maple Syrup 
44. Molasses 
45. Muscovado Sugar 
46. Panocha 
47. Raw Sugar 
48. Refiner’s Syrup 
49. Rice Syrup 
50. Sorbitol 
51. Sorghum Syrup 
52. Sucrose 
53. Sugar 
54. Syrup 
55. Treacle 
56. Turbinado Sugar 

57. Yellow Sugar

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