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Photography - Dolls (★^O^★)


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Hiiiii (★^O^★) ♥ 


As you probably know, I love dolls but I really enjoy dolls photography too ♥ 

I want to improve my skills little by little so my photo are not professional at all.

I, however, still enjoy it a looooot and I wanted to share some of my favorite shoot photos of all the dolls I own currently.

( I'm waiting for 3 more that I preordered )


Here is Sayuri-nyan, my DD Akira : 






My second DD, Amaya, a DD Sasara Kusugawa : 





Here is Lottie, my bjd Soom Roxen



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Thank you all ♥  BJD are just soooo much fun and love.

But I kind of switched to Dollfie dream, which are even cuter and stand amazingly for picture!


I've been in the hobby since january 2013 (when I got my first bjd) but I knew about them since more than three years before that  :3  !

My collection varried a lot, started with a boy bjd, after that I got girls, and now, I'm more into DD.


BJD can be customizable, with sanding, and modding too, which I'm not good at ;3;

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Yea, I tried faceup for one of my abjd (resin), but I wasn't happy enough with it. :3

I didn't try more after that, but there are a lot of tutorial for it, and the material is kinda cheap so (:

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I ADORE ball-joint-dolls. I wish I had some. I love your photos they are amazing. I love how you really captured their personality in the photos!!

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Wowowow :D those rule!! The kitty girl pic is my favorite~ a great pose~

Your photography skills are pretty good in my opinion! owo ty for sharing

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Guest ittybittylove

Momochii, I am soo jealous of your photography skills. I would share some pics of my dolls but I can't seem to figure it out at the moment. I've been in the hobby since about 2010. I have too many dolls, but they are all sooooo cute.


Momochii, tell me if you want some custom clothes. I like to practice my dolly sewing and knitting.

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Thank you !

I'm still learning, but my camera and my lenses are really great and help a lot for the photos! I'm hoping to buy a light set and light box, but with my dolls size it's kinda difficult to have the perfect one. 


ittybittylove : I would love to see yours dolls and pictures! I personally don't own a lot tho /:

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oooh i love BJDs! They're so pretty... a girlfriend of mine in high school collected them and sometimes i helped her make clothes for them :3 


i never seem to be able to save up enough money to buy one of them, so I settle for Monster High dolls, which i was surprised to find are pretty high quality :D and with enough determination, you can change their faceup too :p i'm working on two different ones right now... maybe if it's ok with you i'll post pictures of mine when they're done :3

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