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Hi guys!


So I'm new to this community, but I'm growing to love it because of the supportive and lovely people I meet and see. I have been a Little for about a year, but I recently just opened up to my hubby about it. I showed him a few things and even Googled definitions (lol) that might help him understand and he was interested in doing it. So we were testing the waters for a few months since we are currently apart from each other. Now that we will be living together, he wants to push it and try it out. 


So I guess I'm asking for advice on how I can get him started since he is also not too sure how to go about it yet. We decided to have new rules, punishments, and rewards since living together is different. Ideas or just a general outline for him would be greatly appreciated. I would also ask if there's any advice that you guys can give him such as what other Littles do with their daddies or what a daddy expects from his little? 


Thank you for the help!



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