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Art and Coloring Book Pages


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Guest Rainbow

@princesselizabeth- i printed some of those out thanks to your tip! i got some mythical creatures and sea creatures.


funny story- i was at the library printing them out and thought i would go ahead and print out gahghost's chibi ashwee too. soooo i go up the to printer to collect all i've printed and the dude who was next to me heads up there at the same time. he gets there first and starts looking for his. of course i've got like 10 pages. apparently i also printed like 3 sheets of porn gifs *facepalm* not sure where it came from but yikes. embarrassing.


also i wanted to share this with you guys


it's a lovely accompaniment to the book of the same title. beautiful artwork. highly recommend it! quality paper and binding.

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I moved these two posts here as the thread came from was for non copyrighted original coloring pages, and these are copyrighted pages… so this can he the generic coloring book page thread.

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