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Hay folks I have been getting really back into my art lately. I have been panting and drawing a ton some from life, some requests from friends and some cute fan art. I have been using devianart and instrgram to share my stuff and I'm getting allot of likes but not allot of feed back. I was wondering how you guys share your work? Also if you use devinart free to share your pages on here I would love to see your stuff. This is my page : http://kirstiecatlady.deviantart.com/ 


Also if anyone sells their stuff I would love to hear how cause I'm considering doing that eventually once I get some more practice in. I have only just got back into arty stuff the past three months after about a two year break. 

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As of lately I've only been sharing my Etsy stuff, because I haven't had extra time to other arts.


If anyone is interested, xiaamane.etsy.com


Also, I have an older deviantart, which has some etsy stuff, but mostly photography and drawings.

It is xiaamane.deviantart.com

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