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A final early birthday shop before the big day tomorrow


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My previous thread here (https://www.ddlgforum.com/topic/31203-my-birthday-is-in-a-month-and-my-wardrobe-is-already-full-of-gifts/?do=findComment&comment=159284) I talk about how my real parents are extremely abusive (I've never really had a real birthday) so to have someone who loves buying me gifts and making me feel super special feels better than anything in the world..


I love my Dad soooo much, he's honestly like my real Dad and that's why I prefer to call him Dad over Daddy.  :blush:


I'm not allowed in the lounge room now because my bday is tomorrow and all my official presents are in there, I'm so in love and so happy, I feel like a child again.


Sorry if this comes off as bragging or something similar but I am just over the moon, I've never felt so in love and so happy.  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:


I would to love to hear about others birthdays!!

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Guest BabyPeach

This is so sweet! I'm sorry your parents were awful. You deserve to feel special.  And and those pastel uni erasers (at least I think they're erasers)! Omgah!  :wub:

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