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Okay, so im just curious if this is a thing... are there daddies/mommies who are gay sexually but when being a daddy or mommy they perfer theyre littles to be the opposite sex and just want them for the non sexual parts of ddlg... ya know?? Just a random thought
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I actually am this way.


I am bisexual and like playing with women. But I need my DDlg partner to be a dominant male. Yet if I play with a woman, she must be a sub because I am a Domme, but I am not a Mommy. I am more of a Mistress than Mommy. So though I completely enjoy playing with women (and not just using them, I realize how detached it sounds), when it comes to DDlg, I need Daddy.


It is kinda complicated because I couldn't be with another little, I think. I definitely couldn't be in a relationship with a male little, couldn't do it with a female little (But if I could it would be short term). I never just sit and think about these preferences cuz I have Daddy and don't have to worry about them anymore. But it can be hard to explain to people. 


Everyone has called me a switch because of this but I absolutely am not a switch as one would expect. It is simply that I could never enjoy dominating a man, so I have to sub to a man (Daddy). And I could never sub to a women, it just doesn't happen, I will be the Domme in that situation. Those two aspects never switch: Man - My submission (if right person). Woman - My Dominance (if right person). So I don't really consider myself a switch as I can't do a fluid change and Domme a  man and be Dommed by a woman.


But what do I know? XD

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