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I'm starting up an etsy store that'll sell cute collars and chokers for now.

I need help with a store name, ( possibly including the word Faerie but I don't mind) and also what else would you guys like to see on there? I'd love to do some cute Little accessories!


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Faerie's Cave. The Faerie's Wings. The Faerie's Coven. I'm not too good with names.


Bows! Like hair bows! You can even make like wands, faerie wands or something like that. This might be far fetched but tutus would be cute too! They aren't too hard to make. Ribbon/elastic and tulle. I saw these things called faerie dust necklaces. Just little bottles on a necklace chain with glitter inside! I love crafting! I hope your store does well.

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I'm awful at names, so I don't know if I can help. Biggest advise though, type in the name in google to make sure you don't have to compete with another company or things for that name or something that is close, I was gonna recommend LittleFaeRee, but FaeRee is used for many things, although it is an option.


As for ideas:

Hairbows (although it is a tough market, I sell them)

Jewelry (tough market, but unique products do stand out)

Fairy Wings (if you know how to make them)

Scuply / Polymer Clay Figures

Beaded bracelets

Stuffies (if you like to sew of course)


I mean it's all up to what you like to make and are willing to dedicate time to.

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Guest Rainbow

Littlest Faerie Shop

The Spell that Binds

yes, google before you put it in stone.


my advice about etsy is make sure you have a full inventory before you really go at it. and search words! i don't know what the secret it, but that's what everyone says makes a difference in sales. good luck!

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Etsy SEO is our search terms. Repeat tags in titles and description. It looks awful, but it does help.

Also, use the DDLG tag, I get views almost daily from it, no joke.


As for inventory, Etsy recommends 10 to start when you open. Have a consistent listing schedule, I do daily currently, but you could do every other day or weekly. Once you get around 50 items you start getting the views. 100 is a minimum goal recommended by many of the forum.


I should have said this all earlier, but thank you Rainbow for mentioning these so I could expand.

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