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Here's your virtual DD/lg sports bar! What sports teams do you scream for?

Guest KaydeeA

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Guest KaydeeA

Littles can wear pink, bows, collect bunnies......and cheer for a sports team! Where I live, college football is a held sacred. I'm a little that likes watching sports, My faves are...


Baseball : Red Sox

NFL: Saints and Giants

Basketball: Cavs (cause of LeBron)

NHL? Too hot to enjoy it where I live but could really get into it

Soccer: Don't have a team and need one

Tennis: can't help but love those Williams sisters, but they scare me just a tad


Who do you like? Next game on the big screen, I'll bring my famous Rotel cheese dip and tortillas. Go!

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Guest DaddyDoLil

Baseball: Noooot much of a Baseball fan myself, to be honest.

NFL: Noooot much of a football fan myself, to be honest.

Basketball: Noooot much of a Basketball fan myself, to be honest (anyone else notice the pattern happening here?)

NHL: Vancouver Canucks!

Soccer: Nooot much of a.. yeah, you see where this is going.

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Baseball: Well, I work at a stadium but because of it I really don't watch baseball.

NFL: Steelers!!! :( No more Troy though.

Basketball: I really don't watch basketball


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