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List of things you love about your daddy/mommy?


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For littles whom have mommy doms/ daddy doms or even switches: what is a list of your favorite things about them? Are there certain things they do or say that you love? 


For single littles: If you had a mommy or daddy dom, what traits would you like them to have? 

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Things Daddy Does:


Lets me just lay on him when I need cuddles.

Always gives me a piece of his snack, even after I said I didn't want anything.
Always keeps on hand in contact with me at all times.

Tries very hard to make sure I relax during the day.

Gives me back rubs every night before bed.

The fact that the first week I was with him in real life (back in 2017) he went to the store to buy girly products without me knowing. 

He buys me flowers so I have some in the house at all times.

I hear him constantly brag about me to his friends and family, even when he doesn't know I can hear.


He lets me tell him everything without fear of judgement.

He is willing to always see things from my side to understand my feelings.

He encourages me to be the true Me.


He loves me.

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Guest Little Otter
I think my fave thing about Mommy is just how full of love and kindness she is. Ive never met another with that much kindness and love to give. I always felt like I loved too fast and too much until I met her and shes just the same, its perfect <3
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What I love about Mister Master


  • He works hard for us because HE WANTS to
  • HE WANTS to be a provider
  • He works hard to make a life for us
  • HE WANTS to work hard to make a life for us
  • He DOESN'T want me to work much
  • He DOESN'T want me to HAVE to work
  • He spoils me
  • HE WANTS to spoil me
  • He pushes me when I need it
  • He tells me like it is
  • He reminds me about reality
  • HE WANTS to protect me
  • He cares for me
  • He tries to protect me
  • He accepts me for me
  • He ACTUALLY accepts me for being me
  • He takes care of me
  • He's tall
  • He's a natural leader
  • He cuddles, huggles, and snuggles me
  • He randomly spoils me
  • He wakes me up in the mornings
  • He's always there for his friends
  • He takes care of our bills
  • He doesn't harass me about being childish
  • He protects me from the harassment of my family
  • He loves me
  • He looks out for me
  • He lets me live in my own reality
  • He appreciates me
  • He acknowledges my hard work
  • He lets me know when I am wrong
  • He lets me know when I'm in the wrong
  • He lets me hide away from the world
  • He pushes me out into "Adulthood" when I need it
  • He reminds me that life happens
  • He has long hair
  • He doesn't laugh at my sippy cups/binkies oneies/footed pjs
  • He thinks I'm cute
  • He knows I'm smart
  • He respects me
  • He protects me from the disrespect of others
  • HE WANTS to make a life for us
  • He has his own issues
  • He loves Star Wars
  • He cooks for me sometimes
  • He lets me be a homemaker
  • He buys me cookies
  • He lets me sleep with more than one stuffed animal in bed
  • He lets me sleep with a stuffed animal
  • He watches cartoons with me
  • He looks for old cartoons and movies to watch with me
  • He trys to get me to play his video games with him
  • He buys me childish toys he sees just because they remind him of me and thinks I'll like it
  • He was the first person ((outside of actually being a small child)) to buy me a binkie
  • He understands my separation anxiety
  • He'd rather spend time with me
  • He takes me on walks and hiking
  • He's almost always with me
  • Sometimes he cooks for me and cuts up my food
  • Sometimes he reads me to me
  • Sometimes he makes my toys talk and dance
  • He's friends are my friends((I can always hang with them, and play with them if they are playing Magic or D&D, etc))
  • He thinks I'm weird and likes it
  • He's open minded for me
  • He doesn't care if I don't like people
  • He doesn't mind I have a hard time with people
  • He has life plans for us
  • He wants us to be together for the long run
  • He's just amazing
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HI! Things I love about him: he's attentionate even if he doesn't think so, he wants to help me overcome my fears, he's protective, he has no problem taking the lead for everyday things with no ressentment (like he knows I get anxious talking on the phone to strangers), he's willing to try a lot of  things (sexually or not) that he never did before just because I like them, he takes care of people, he has a good sense of responsibility, he's generous, he cooks well :D (I soooo love cooking with him), he's smart, he's patient, he's reassuring, he's sweet, he's good with children and animals, his thick hair, his Flynn Rider smile that he doesn't know he does <3


Things he does that make me melt:

  • he lets me tell him everything and never judges me
  • he asks me about my days and everything even when it's not interesting
  • he lets me lay on him for cuddling or fall asleep on him for a nap (like, full-body on him)
  • he takes really good care of me after a scene
  • he replaces my thumb with his when I'm sleepy because he knows I like to smell him
  • he lets me bite him x) (yes I have an oral fixation)
  • he makes a point to go to sleep with me even when I tell him it's okay, and when it's too early for him he comes kiss and cuddle for a while
  • he always falls asleep touching me, usually wrapped around me, and wakes up the same way even though we separate during the night
  • he teaches me to tell him when I don't feel good (I'm not used to it)
  • he takes care of me when I don't feel good, even carries me around
  • he often tells me I'm cute or beautiful
  • he loves when I'm sligthly bratty/very playful and he plays along
  • he reads me bedtime stories
  • he tells his friends that I'm great as a person and for him, and that he wants to live with me
  • he's always encouraging
  • he never judges me for things I want to wear or watch
  • he silly-dances with me
  • he kisses my hand and my forehead
  • he watches my favourite animated movies with me and cuddles me the whole time when we watch something
  • he lets me have my space when I need to be alone
  • he takes me on walks even though he hates them
  • he knows how to stop my nonsense when I'm scared of relationships (all kinds) and want to push everyone away
  • he's always very thankful when I do small gestures for him, never takes them or me for granted
  • he makes sure we can see each other at least once a month for at least several days even though we're LDR (not for much longer now!)

There are countless other things but I'm becoming emo right now  :blush:

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I could go on forever! So I guess I'll just name a few:


-He's adorable when he's sleepy or loopy.

-He'll take selfies to make me feel better even when he's just woken up and he's still half asleep.

-His pupper is adorable.

-How excited he gets when he talks about things he loves.

-He wears the nerdiest of shirts.

-He never lets me down and for once I feel safe with a Daddy that'll stay.

-Even if I don't believe I'm good at something or worthwhile, he'll believe it for me.

-He won't leave me.


Love you Daddy<3

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Daddy! He is just the best. 

1) I never feel lonely or scared 

2)He is very strong but always gentle

3) he is fair 

4) he is kind

5) he is loving

6)he is hard working

7) he is "gifted"

there is so much more i can say about him but i will leave it here for now 

Daddy if you see this i love you soooooooo much  

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