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Little Snacks


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I didn't see a topic about this that wasn't around 6 months old or older...so I made a new one.

What kind of snacks do you like in little space?  I like goldfish and animal crackers best.  Apple sauce is also awesome sauce ^_^

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Guest Arc

Goldfish crackers are amazing! I just tried them for the first time this year. They don't usually sell them here but sometimes the international import store has them and I always stock up. :)


They stopped making my favourite snack, sadly. Or at least... I haven't been able to find it in ages. But they were cheese flavoured chips/crisps/whatever shaped like monster feet. :p 

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Guest PopcornJellyBean

I enjoy making a big tub of fruit salad to snack on for a few days(my fave combo is kiwi,strawberry,mango,and pineapple) :D I also love...

*carrots, celery, and hummus

*Annie's organic fruit snacks(they are shaped like bunnies!)

*cherry tomatoes with salt and pepper



*popcorn with a little avocado oil and salt

*onigiri filled w/ umeboshi(making them is so much fun!)

*plain potato chips

*unsalted roasted nuts

*roasted spiced chickpeas(they get all crunchy and addictive)

*edamame with salt

*vegetable sushi rolls(avocado,cucumber,and carrot is my fave with tons of sushi ginger)

*rice cakes with peanut butter

*dried fruits/freeze dried fruits

*creamy smoothies(I usually make mine with soft tofu, banana, vanilla extract,almond/soy milk and mixed frozen berries)

*and dried nori


I snack on a lot of other stuff but this is what popped up in my head. XP

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In the UK they sell chocolate alpro cartons - they’re chocolate flavoured soya milk cartons, so it’s like chocolate milk but w less sugar so I don’t even need to feel guilty and I love packing them into my lunchbox as a special treat <3


I also love cookies so so so much.


Apples and peanut butter are fun too

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Gummies, Cocoa Roos, suckers, animal crackers, pb&j sammies (made by Daddy with crust cut off), tater tots, pizza, cupcakes, so many things!

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Guest DaddysCubbie

CHICKEN NUGGETS are my absolute favourite! Daddy says I have an obsession but I can't help they are so good lol


But I also like:


String Cheese

Mac & Cheese




& any type of Candy (hehe)

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I treated myself to something special today: https://www.ddlgforum.com/gallery/image/21253-littlefood/ (SFW)


This is based on a recipe suggestion from my very first cookbook. But by now I have a whole book about decorating food in fun ways (for children) and I'm hoping to find the time to try out more stuff. There are of course numerous suggestions on the Internet e.g. My sister has made a fantastic watermelon shark one summer. Those are a lot of work but sooo fun. (https://goo.gl/images/56yNbx)) (SFW)

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