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What hobbies Daddies/Littles

Guest domdaddy38

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Guest domdaddy38

List if you are a Daddy or a Little, and what hobbies you have.  I'm curious if most Daddies have certain hobbies in common, same with littles.  


I'm into Power Lifting, Martial arts, reading, learning Portuguese, hanging out with friends and enjoying warm days outside.  

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Guest lalalaluna

I'm a little/ middle! I'm into:


  • reading (fantasy, sci-fi)
  • writing (fantasy, sci-fi, horror)
  • going to the theatre/er (outdoor movies are the best, but i love stage productions too)
  • learning new languages (presently working on Japanese and ASL, altho I do know a lot of British and Spanish sign too)
  • baking/ cooking (especially trying new recipes)
  • sewing, knitting
  • a little bit into gaming, but not competitively
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Guest SUeB
We are both in a long distance walking group (i joined to share that hobby with Him), and we also go cycling together. He has a motor home, and we love to go off together in that for weekends. We also both do strength training. We also both like to read and we love to watch films together.
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Guest Dulci

I'm a little and my hobbies are; 

  • Video games (I'm more Casual than I used to be) 
  • Board games (We own 150+) 
  • Keeping fit - long walks, yoga, meditation
  • Building lego 
  • Crafty things! 
  • Watching lots of Netflix. 

My daddy is into the same hobbies as me too - although, he leaves the crafty things to me :3 

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Guest You're adorable.

Hmmm, aside from being awesome (wait, that's a full time job) i would say it's this:


  • Music (any kind really, but i am mostly into metal and classical)
  • Guitar , Bass, Music composing (torture is fun, but not with my music :) )
  • Computers (software, hardware, programming etc. because it's also my job. As they say. Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life :) )
  • Math ( 2+2=4-1=3)
  • Physics (all kinds, from rolling balls (no laughing, we are all adults here) to the theory of holographic universe)
  • Building electronic devices (i don't do it that much today since i am a busy, responsible adult)
  • Writing (i never finish anything tho)
  • Videogames (very occassionaly, I am still a big fan though)
  • Reading (everything, that is even remotely interesting. Phone book had me hooked for days!)
  • Weightlifting (yes, i lift :D )
  • And all kinds of secondary stuff that i do like few times a year. Fishing, camping, nature, hiking etc.
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I have a long list:p




-singing/playing instruments

-playing video games



-watching YouTube

-going for walks/exercising

-watching superhero movies

-chatting with my Daddy:)

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Guest McLeodLot65

Talking to my Little, of course. :)


Roleplaying games, both video and tabletop. Listening to all kinds of music. Science-fiction (currently watching the Expanse and Timeless).

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I'm a little and I like:


Reading (fantasy, horror)

Being outside (specifically in rain)

Watching movies (horror, fantasy)

Drawing (dark creatures)

Mud ridding

And playing with makeup

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Guest domdaddy38

Great responses.  Thanks.  This should also help us get to know each other (for those who don't already).  We might find others with similar likes and interests.

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-Watching the sunset


-Singing (albeit I make dogs howl when I do)


-Painting, when I have the motivation to do it

-Watching movies

-Listening to music (I have very diverse interests in music, and listen to everything)


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Guest Arc

I'm a middle. I have a lot of hobbies so I'll just list my top ones :) 

  • Reading
  • Pole Dancing
  • Sewing
  • Playing video games
  • Fire spinning (mostly fire fans)
  • Baking
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Guest DarkLIttlePrince

Interesting topic... 


I'm a Daddy and my hobbies are:







Playing music




And wine tasting.  

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Guest littlegirl707

Hi I'm a little and happy this topic was posted.


I love to write, read books and info about all kinds of information. Drawing. coloring. swimming. painting 


going for walks on the beach or being in a boat and watching sunsets fishing(but I dont like touching the fish) hehe


I play gutiar and native american flute music i love music. playing games or cards ono doing crafts watching tv 


walking in the woods seeing new things. 

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Guest BabyPeach

I'm a little.

I wuvs books and reading!

Horror movies

Crafting......resin craft, making hair bows, decorating pacis, polymer clay craft, jewelry and maybe sewing soon

Writing....I used to write all the time.  I've sort of fallen out of it, but I'm re-discovering it now that I have an empty nest. :D

Nature/beach walks

Disney! (I live close to it)...though all things Disney!

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i am a little and i love...


Writing (poetry and nonfiction - i am writing a couple of books!)

Reading (new age stuff and classic lit are my faves)

RPGs and board games

Video gaming sometimes

Sewing though i haven't in a long time

Listening to music



Playing pool with Daddy at the hookah bar

Photography (behind the camera and modeling)

Long walks


Star Wars :)

BDSM activities


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  • 5 months later...

I'm little and middle and my hobbies are:

*Science fiction movies, games, and tv

*Horror monster movies with practical fx

*Collecting cook books & trying recipes

*Collecting novelized movie books

*Fanfiction of my favorite series

*Collecting VHS tapes

*Rubber Duckies

*Pink Bunnies

*Bedroom toys

*Lovecraft stuff

*Fingernails polish


*Anything Hannibal Lecter

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Anything Sanrio I have to have it

I love to play video games

I adore rollerskating, I would love to be in roller derby some day. 

I'm a digital artist (though it's been on the back burner)

I'm fascinated by languages and try to teach myself German now and again

Taking photos with my camera 


Daddy and I both play tabletop DnD together, he's my DM

He skateboards, and boxes and we both have crippling video game addictions.  :D

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Guest Swadloon

I'm a little, and I'm into...


  • Playing piano
  • Swimming
  • Dancing (I used to do all sorts including ballet but now I do mostly hip-hop)
  • Knitting, sewing, and cross-stitch (I have WAY too many cross-stitch pattern magazines halp)
  • Drawing, painting and colouring (I'm a traditional artist, give me a drawing tablet and program and I'm like 'um how do I work this')
  • Cooking (Following recipes is a lot like doing science experiments, so I'm quite good at it)
  • Gaming (cutesy games and medieval RPGs are my favourite, and I will kick your ass in Splatoon)
  • Collecting Tamagotchis, Sylvanian Families, and Pokemon merch
  • Nature walks / photography
  • J-fashion (mostly mori boy these days)
  • Chilling with my cats / other people's cats / volunteering at the cat rescue.  I f'n love cats.
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Guest FairgroundAlice89

I'm a little and I've got too many hobbies to list. Here are some:


Arts & Crafts/colouring in


Watching films/TV




Painting my nails/playing with make-up


Keeping Fit (mostly dancing, yoga, weights and walking)


Going to theme parks (Alton Towers, Legoland, Disneyland and Thomasland are my favourites)


Playing with boardgames & toys (especially Barbie, Pokemon and My Little Pony)


Playing dress-up


Having afternoon tea with little sandwiches and cute cakes


Playing on the swings and slides in playparks


Baking cakes, cookies and treats


Going on nature walks or anywhere to do with animals like zoo/safari park, natural history museum or the British Museum

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I'm little, my hobbies/interests are...


  • Work
  • Video games
  • Anime
  • Cartoons
  • Lego
  • Netflix
  • Cars
  • Building furniture
  • Programming 
  • Food
  • Sleeping
  • Drawing
  • Writing
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I'm a little an I like

·midnight walks

·cuddles and cartoons or scary movies

·playing videogames



·listening to music

·going on social media

·playing with my studies


·wicca rituals

·shopping online

·and playing with animals!

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For me, hobby is mostly productive stuff: 

auto mechanics


Home DIY


dSLR photography - canon

time lapse videography



programming (this one pays back)


already permanently cut the drone budget (maintain what I have no new models)

two more guitars and I'm done with that hobby, except parts, pedals, accessories.
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Guest stuffiesprincess

I’m a little :)

I don’t have many hobbies

But when I’m not busy I’m usually playing a game online


Binge watching tv shows

Trying to learn new languages

Or rewatching my favourite movies

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