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For Those That Hurt on Mother's Day

Little Illy

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*waves* Hey guys, I'm in my feels today and I think I might not be the only one.


When it comes to certain holidays, a lot of people forget that there are those who cannot celebrate like the rest of the population. And Mother's Day is one of them. There are many reasons why a person cannot really celebrate Mother's Day or is actually feeling quite negative or upset on this day. And those reasons are valid and I want to be here to say you are not alone.


I personally know a lot of kids (grown adults) that cannot wish their Mother this day because their Mother isn't in their life in some way. A friend of mine lost her mother years ago and every Mother's Day it starts out sweet as a commemoration and then ends in tears as my friend is wracked with grief. Then I have a friend whose Mother was abusive to the point where he had to be removed from the home. Mother's Day is a day of fear for him. And even myself. My case is way less extreme, but my mother doesn't bother to have me in her active life so I can't help but be hurt when I always extend the offer.


And lets not forget the Mothers who cannot celebrate this day because they may have lost family or they may be in a place in their life where they cannot see or communicate with their children. 


My point is - there are a lot of people out there who hurt during these times and I just want them to know that you're not alone. You are loved. You are valid in any and all feelings you have during these times. And most importantly, you need to do whatever is required to make you feel just a bit better.


I love you guys, and I hope you find peace today (or yesterday depending on location). :heart:

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Guest Little Otter

Aww, Illy! Thanks for this post, my mom passed away in 2013. Dad just last year. Both too young! I passed the grieving stage for my mom, still healing from my dad so I appreciate this post <3

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Thank you for posting this, Illy.


(EDIT: And while I can't completely relate, Otter and Southern, I can empathise to some degree. Sorry for your loss. If you can, the remainder of the day or tomorrow, maybe do something to celebrate their life or what they meant to you. A restaurant with their favourite foods, etc. Sometimes the smallest gestures as tribute can awaken those feelings and memories, in a good way.)

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Guest JoeKarr

Really appreciate this post.


My mother is still around, but sadly I grew up with a mother who is a narcissist.  Everything had a way of always reflecting on her no matter what was going on.  If I made her unhappy she would ignore me for days, sometimes weeks at a time. I was always afraid of how she would react to things like me getting in trouble in school or receiving a bad grade.  Everything had to always be to her liking and everyone in my family enabled that behavior. 


I really shouldn't be griping about this considering I was never physically abused by her.  I mean being ignored for two weeks is a whole lot better than being hit with a closed fist.


Honestly it's just nice to know I'm not alone today.

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Guest Dorian_JE

That was lovely to read, I lost my mum 6months ago and it’s a pain I couldn’t even begin to describe, I know she was proud of me so I can have some kind of release in knowing that.


Even know my Mother’s Day has been

Thank you for your post, it was kind and considerate x

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Guest L.Brownie
That was so kind of you to take the time to write this post, I lost my mom was I was 6 and its still hard every year to see Mothersday come and go.
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