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Who knows?

Big Daddy D

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I've been hanging around here long enough, I think I should start a thread. Just curious how many people here have told vanilla friends or family about their lifestyle?


Until recently the only person I told was my nephew. He came out to me first, and was really scared about telling the family, especially my very Christian Grandmother. I gave him the usual encouragement about being the same guy he was the day before, and how he's wanted to be a hairdresser since he was 8. They already know... lol

But he was struggling with being gay. I was just a DL at the time, and hadn't discovered how much I perfered a Daddy role yet. I told him my secret just so he wouldn't feel so alone. It certainly cheered him up, as he thought my secret was pretty funny.


Recently, I've become more open about who I am. I don't flaunt it or advertise it, but I no longer feel any shame towards it, nor do I really care if anyone likes it or not. I've mentioned before that I found my Princess on POF with a very open profile about what I wanted and what my little would enjoy. I was impressed by how curious and non-judgemental people were towards it. I'm sure some reacted differently, but kept their negativity to themselves. A close female friend recognized my photo (which only showed the bottom half of my face) and messaged me. I wasn't embarrassed, she knows far more embarrassing things about me already. She's always been one of the few people in my life who really get me, and she is a bit of a wild one herself. If you have a credit card, you can watch her... um... perform... live online.


My former co-manager at my previous job also knew. I refused a blind date he tried to set me up on after I left my wife. I told him, I don't want a trophy on my arm, I want something real. He didn't understand why I wouldn't just go on a date with her, and I admit she was very beautiful. So I finally just told him I was into some weird 'stuff' and after being in a miserable relationship for so long, I just wanted to get it right this time and find someone perfect for me.


He begged me to tell him what the weird stuff was, and for weeks guessed random fetishes which became more and more bizarre. So I broke down and told him, knowing he wouldn't out me, but also knowing he would tease me relentlessly (which he did, and continues to do).


My Little has a few friends in her life who know, and therefore now also know about me too. Personally, I would never tell anyone in my current workplace. I don't think my family would react negatively to knowing, but they'd never really understand it. So I don't see any need to really tell any of them.


I don't have many male friends. My closest friend is actually Sri Lankin and a devout Buddhist. It's the most unexpected and mix-matched friendship ever, but he is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. Again I have no reason to tell him, but if I know him, he would laugh first, then ask if I was happy. When I answered yes, he would probably just say "Then be happy".

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i just dont understand why would you stay in a miserable relationship for so long. 


For the rest of the text i don`t have much to say, indeed you seem simply happy and know what you want and you dont over-dramatize it in your life. So, good for you.


I had recently opened up to my best friend, and also boyfriend suspects but i dont know to what length his secret research reached. 


All the rest do not need to know, and i personally dont have the need to scream it to the world. 

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I think the majority people in my life know to some degree, it ranges from "Oh, that's Barbie, she's a big kid!" to "Yeah, that's Barbie, she's a little!"


I don't tend to tell people though!

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The more I am on this forum, the more I realize I'm not really ddlg, but age regressor/cgl.  Still, I don't typically advertise that I have a binky, or drink from a sippy cup sometimes, and definitely not that I call my boyfriend papa.

Some of my family knows that I have a binky and sippy cup, and they just think I'm weird (but still love me).  There are a few friends who know as well.  Most of these people don't know that I call Papa Papa when I'm extra little though.  Or terms for any of it.

As for the rest, like my stuffies and the little aspects of my daily personality, people just see and accept me for me (or dislike me, I don't care what they decide).  To shut down all of my littleness would be to shut down a great chunk of my personality.

I get excited about the zoo and new stuffed animals and sparkly things.  I can't just...not.  So people tend to see that no matter what.

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There was a time I would have been devastated if anyone knew. As a funny story, when I was probably about 10 or 11 I had gotten a hold of some diapers (I forget how). I was putting one on and getting ready to sleep in it, when the babysitter suddenly opened my bedroom door without knocking. I flung the diaper into my closet and tried to quickly pull up my pants. It was a very small town, and she told people she caught me masturbating. I didn't even know what that was at the time, but I was still glad that's what she thought I was doing. Edited by Big Daddy D
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Guest Looby-Lou

(What is POF?)


It's all part of my personality, being Little isn't a separate thing for me, so to some extent anyone who knows me at all has seen some of my littleness.

But no, I haven't actually told anyone that I'm Little. There are characteristics that are evident....jumping up & down if I'm excited, going gooey over anything sparkly, pink, magical, wearing a lot of pink, being naive, and on and on. 


I'm also a very sexual Little and THAT is something I definitely don't show to anyone except a partner.

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