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Can not sleep......to much of everything making me worried.

Guest Babykitkat 23

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Guest Babykitkat 23



I've been having some problems lately. I don't get the best of luck. Many a times, something goes great for a while. Then it just blows up in my face. I had a good job, I loved it. Every one was nice. It was laid back, I made a lot of friends.


I made a mistake at work....nothing morally bad, or just messing up. I just didn't pay attention to well. Then I was terminated the next day. I still live at home with a family that takes everything I do and turns it on it's head. Making me the bad guy, saying rude things behind my back. My family doesn't really love me in the sense as a family should. I'm always supposed to be the bad one. The screw up, the one who never did anything with there life. Apparently to them I was supposed to be the one who never finished high school, never go to college, not get a job, do drugs young, get pregnant while still young, or be the one who ended in prison.


Everything is getting to me, and I'm not sure I can take anymore from it. My family, my jobless career, school. I can't see my future, or envision it like others can. I don't get that luxary. I only get to see day by day. Or week by week.


A lot of times I worry a lot and I can't sleep over it. I have a lot in my past I want to move on from, to let go. I wan to see my self in my future. But I know I have to deal with this in time, not over night. I have to put one for in front of the other.


I'm lost, but braving my storm....in a sinking boat. But I'm slowly getting to what I want to see in life.....just I can't make other happy about it....not forcing them or saying hey look what I did. My family is never proud of me. They always look at me as I can't ever do anything.....but I'm doing so many things....I'm making a living, getting a education, I can buy my own food, and I can get my self to work (if I still had my job). I don't get encouraging words, support, or any guidance that I need.....


What should I do? Have you ever felt this way? What helped you become the person you are today? Did you ever feel like this?

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Guest infinitecases

Sometimes, the ones you love the most won't believe you can do things until you've done them... everyone's going through life in their own timelines, you may not have achieved certain things yet, but you're getting there at your own pace and you're doing what you can. It's hard to keep going when no one believes in you but my motivation was always that I wanted to prove them wrong/make them proud. Whilst the latter may never happen, it's nice.. for that one moment.. to have accomplished something they couldn't believe I could do and see the look on their face.. which sounds dismal but that's how I've always seen it - also to make myself proud too! If it's something I wanted in the first place, and I achieve it, I'm always going to be the winner, not the people who look down on me or put down my achievements. 


It may feel like everything is going wrong, but focus on the small things you're getting right. Some things happen that are out of your control, you can't stop that, you can't help it. Focus on the other things that you've achieved day to day and that have made you happy because life is fleeting and full of small moments - failure is never a nice thing to go through, I also feel like I've been on a never-ending track of failure for the past few years, nothing seems to have gone right... but I can either view it negatively or I can think about all the other good things that happened within that timeframe, because I can say that more good things happened in those years than I admit, it just depends on what I choose the shine the light on. 


The only person who gets to live your life is you!! Not your family or parents or siblings, so make sure you're happy living it first, not others.

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(This might help Read Matthew 25-34) Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.


Everyday is something new but be happy with Who You Are right now.

Don't let especially family who doesn't decide your fate tear you down. Just be Happy because everything will be alright keep looking for your Daddy if that's what you're doing and the right one who will help you and comfort you will come along at juuust the right time he was intended to!!!❤✌

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I often have trouble getting to sleep due to anxiety, too. Something that helps me is listening to something calming.Really just something to make myself focus on to force the anxiety out of my head. Rain sounds, fireplace sounds, and other white noise are go-tos for me. Recently I've been listening to ASMR-type videos. Rainy Day Audios on YouTube is one of my favourites. Here's a good one of his videos.  Visualising something calming (your 'happy place') helps, too. I usually visualise cuddling someone. Sometimes I'll just put on an audiobook and listen to it in the dark until I fall asleep (this works best if it's a story you already know, so you're not going to make yourself more anxious about missing something when you fall asleep). I just put whatever I'm listening to on a really low volume so that I have to concentrate to listen, and that stops me from thinking too much and keeping myself up.


Something that helps me is reminding myself that laying in bed worrying doesn't help, it just keeps me up and makes me lose sleep, which actually makes things harder. Instead of staying up worrying I try to find a quiet time to sit down with my journal and write down exactly what my problem is and exactly what I can do to fix it. That writing time is when I let myself really think about whatever it is that's bothering me, and when I'm done writing about it I feel better and the thought doesn't bother me as much. By giving my problems their own time I find that I don't have them trying to push their way into view from the back of my mind when I'm doing something else. There's a super cute kids' book written about that, There's No Such Thing As a Dragon (link goes to a YouTube video of the book being read aloud). If you like the book, Jordan Peterson has a lecture about it (that's where I initially encountered it). That lecture helped me tremendously, as have many of Dr. Peterson's lectures. His talks have helped me on a really deep level to become a better person and to understand myself more fully.

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Guest ~*~Sachita~*~

Losing sleep due to stress is awful. And it keeps up every night until you get to a better place. I've felt like this a lot in my life. The good news is that once you start moving forward, things do get better.


When all the thoughts are swirling in my head, it helps to write everything down. All of the errands to run, bills to pay, people to call, items that need checking off. It seems like once everything is written out my brain feels safe enough to let go.


This also helps when planning for the future. Find your main goal then break it down into smaller, measurable steps.


For example, if the main goal is to move out, the list would look something like:


1. Get a new job

A. Apply at a new place every day

B. Follow up with each employer after submitting an application or having an interview

C. Contact a new person every day asking about employment opportunities (friends, colleagues, acquaintances)

2. Save for a security deposit

A. Put __% of every paycheck aside

B. Scan classified ads for side gigs every day

C. Use your network of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances for side jobs

3. Design your ideal room

A. What furniture will you need?

B. Will you need to get rid of some of your stuff or get a storage unit?

C. What moving expenses should you expect?

4. Look for a new place

A. Mobilize that network to keep an eye out for you

B. Check Craigslist or an apartment site regularly to get an idea of prices and requirements.

C. Check if there are resources at your college available to help with any or all of tHe above.


When it starts to feel overwhelming, it helps to be able to look at a physical list and think, "I'm working on this step right now, I can worry about the next thing when this step is done."


Hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

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Guest Hooliigann

I've found in time's when I feel like i'm suck, the best thing to do is be productive. Get out of the house, volunteer at homeless or animal shelters, make new friends, walk around a park.

Or I listen to soft classical music and read. A good way to escape reality is to go into another. Reading helped me through some very hard points in my life and it's nice to relax and get away from everything. 
Poetry also helped me a lot. Basically doing things you're passionate about. 
Talking to someone also really helps. Having someone to lean back on for help or just to have a laugh with.

My PM's are always open if you need someone to vent too. You've got this!

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Guest Babykitkat 23

Just a small update. 


Thank you to every one who posted here. I am nearly out on my own. I have the best part-time job I love to go to. I hve several places me and my roommate are looking at renting. I have my own car I bought all by my self.


though it is still hard living with my family I am here to help them. I dont owe them anything, and even if they are mean or unloving I am still a kind person. 


Your support is both inspiring and amazing


thank you to all and i hope you all have peacfull nights of sleep as I do now.

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