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Physical punishment issues? Tw

Guest Lil'shadowi_Kitsune

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Guest Appacheian
I can only speak as a daddy. You need to discuss this with your daddy and what’s happened to you regarding physical punishments. He MUST understand. You can then both come up with non physical punishments or as I prefer to call them ‘ consequences’. Littles need to know what is acceptable and what isn’t, it gives structure and consistency. I’m sure other littles here can suggest lots of ideas that aren’t physical as well as your own.
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Not sure if they will work for your relationship/how you are when you're little, but here are some ideas:


-Writing lines

-Writing a paragraph about why what you did was bad then reading it to him


-Taking away toys / favorite stuffie

-No bedtime story

-No fun time with him (chatting/playing) for 1 hour

-No special snacks

-Early bedtime

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Loss of privileges, this could be many many things. Depending on how misbehavior you have been. You could have your favorite toy taken away for a set amount of time. Lose internet or television time. You could miss out on going somewhere or getting something new if you really misbehaved. 


You can have a misbehavior and a good behavior jar. Which you put coins or something else to keep track, if you fill the misbehavior jar you loss a privilege. if you fill the good behavior jar you gain a privilege or get some kind of special treat. You could run laps when you've misbehaved, you could loss all sweets and junk food for the day, or week, if you misbehaved. You could write an essay on why your behavior was wrong and how you should have handle things or how you will handle things if there's a next time.


There are many things you could try.

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