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Dream town for littles (etc) to live


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Hello! It's me, Bun Bun!


I was just thinking about something I think would be amazing, but obviously just a wonderful dream thought!


What if we had a special place to live? Just us in this community? Littles, caregivers, daddy/mommy, etc


A special gated community if you will, that has different places to live such as different house plans to choose from just like "real" houses. Or even apartments or condos, or whatever you choose.

It would have stores like a grocery store, clothing and accessories store, bank, park, mall, movies, and everything we can want.

The stores could be run by whoever wanted to work there, even a switch.

It would be for us only so it would be everyone who knows about this lifestyle.


Or even a town, it doesn't have to be all gated in hehe!


My whole idea of this is that I was thinking about how I wish I could go to the grocery store with daddy and be full little. If I were to do that now I would not be able to be my full self. I would feel the need to hide for obvious reasons. Obviously people who are vanilla only and don't understand this won't understand a grown adult dressed in a diaper and kid clothes and having a paci. And that's okay that people don't understand or approve of it.

I would most definitely feel more comfortable with being my full little self in front of others like myself. I could walk around with a paci in my mouth, carry my stuffy or baby doll, sit in the cart, beg daddy for toys and sweets, and of course if I wanted to I could throw a tantrum because I don't get the toy I want.


I also would like the idea of other people being involved such as someone working at the movies or store and treating us like the age we are, such as saying, "Oh what a cutie pie", or "Hi sweetie, is daddy buying you a new toy today?" Type thing when the littles are with their care giver/daddy/mommy. It's just things that would make me feel even more little.


Of course something like this doesn't exist. It is a dream though for sure!

Hehe I hope you like my idea!


Btw, I write this while feeling little, so I tried to write it as best as I could without sounding little that way you guys can understand what I'm thinking about.

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I actually wanted to open a CG/L cafe. Not a kink cafe or a BDSM cafe, but one that caters to just Littles, Daddies, Mommies, Middles, etc. There would be a play area (think daycare), a lounge (for the CGs), a regular sitting area for everyone and more. 


If only we all could just make these places, it would be amazing. Could you imagine, going to your neighbors dressed as your true selves and complimenting bows and dresses and not judging? Sweet dream it is for sure :heart:

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