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Hitting the Gym

Big Daddy Smillie

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So I've finally got myself a gym membership but I'm not sure how to start. I'm mainly going so I can bun fat and up my cardio since I'm already pretty Hench. Does anybody have a regiment recommendation that can help me starting out?

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Guest Prat

I think the best place to start is outside of the gym actually. Working with weights is a little bit too advanced for it to be the starting point of an exercise routine.

I would start in a recreation park or playground, I would find and do many different bodyweight exercises and stretches to learn as much as I can about my body and its workings and for all of my muscle groups to develop and my body-brain pathways to establish. In the process my body would be conditioned towards storing energy in the muscles instead of fat and my cardiovascular system and endocrinological systems would improve.


Then, after that I would feel comfortable enough to hit the weights and start building muscle mass. And I wouldn't be at as much of a risk of muscle imbalances, joint and tendon injuries and muscle tears as I would have been if I had started of in the gym.


Also it's free ^^.


And as far as regiment goes, start slowly and work your way up. Twice a week in the gym is a good starting point if you're dead set on starting there. Maybe even once if you've never actually done any exercising in the past and depending on your physiology and health.


A good routine to start with would be a warmup / stretch for 30 or so minutes, into weightlifting... I would recommend compound exercises with very little weight and many repetitions so you would develop the compound movements properly, no more than 45 min total of weight work (compound exercises being squats, deadlifts, bench presses, pull ups, abdominal exercises, and all the variations of those movement exercises) and then another 15 min of stretching.


Any exercise should be performed slowly and in a controlled fashion to avoid tearing of ligaments or muscle tissue and ensure a healthy development of the targeted areas..


That's about it I think..

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Guest SUeB
HIIT. In my opinion, pretty much the best form of cardio. The way i do it, i choose five cardio based moves, such as side jump into a burpee, fast step ups, punch/kick/jab sequences, sprints, jumping Jack's, etc. i do each move three times, one after the other, then immediately onto the next one. Start with intervals of 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest. As you start to progress, increase the work periods. Give it a go. This is one form of training that i do myself. 20 minutes of that beats an hour plodding away on a treadmill, lol.
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Guest FluffyLittleLilac

I think Prat and SUeB gave you really great advice and I thought I’d include something else too!


You could also watch some fitness youtubers who have the same goals as you do and are currently working towards them and watch their work out routines. That really helps encourage and motivate me, especially when I see their progress.


Remember to ask the gym workers for any support and you could always ask them which machines will help with your fitness journey since they’re there to help :)


Good luck!

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