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Ramblings on happiness

Song`rim Redtide

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Alright so something I wanted to throw out there is something I have recently learned about myself. That is simply put I forgot what happiness is. Thanks to various things out there, primarily media, I have forgotten what happiness actually is. I have become fixated to this idea that the media has pushed hard over the years. You will only be happy if ___________, you do _________, if you have ________, or if you're dating someone. The problem with this is I forgot that happiness is often in the little things. The small things that are often overlooked, because they aren’t these massive feeling that wells up inside of me. As a result, I forget what it feels like when it is small. I don’t smile that often and to myself, just about every single smile I give seems faked. But I can still feel the little moments of happiness when my favorite song comes up my playlist. Perhaps the quiet moments while I’m just with the few close friends I have. Perhaps I’ll just read a passage that resonates with me. Heck, I have even found happiness in my own sadness as of late. The short of it is I found happiness is closer to a state of mind, or really it is closer to a point of view as opposed to any action, object, desire, or person. I just felt like sharing perhaps my own inner ramblings may help someone or perhaps they will just confuse some. I've been told my mindset is weird so take of it what you will.

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Not weird at all! You have (almost) hit on it exactly. We have somehow come to believe that a) happiness won't happen until (something happens) and B) happiness comes from external sources.


Both of these ideas are foolishly false, and yet we all but into them.


The fact is that true happiness is internally generated and is available right now, at any time. All it really takes is connecting to your emotions. When you said that you can even find happiness in your sadness, that is spot on.


I've been studying this stuff for years and from many different sources. By far the best one i have found is Kyle Cease. Check him out on YouTube.


I have also developed a few techniques that you might be interested in. Ask if you want to know.

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Agree w/above that happiness comes from inside, not outside.


I'd recommend watching Paterson (2016, w/Adam Driver aka Kylo). One of its themes is about Kylo going thru life, enjoyment of the little things. 


Keep in mind, that the movie goes slow as molasses (watching Kylo writing poems), and you may have the inclination to stop the movie before you begin to appreciate its messages.


One message, being a bus driver may seem like a low station in life, but Kylo is high up on maslow's diagram.
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