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Overwhelmed easily?


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Was just wondering if any other little feels the way I do when out in public...


Earlier I was at Walmart trying to find something I was dead-set on and when I couldn't find it, my frustration was turning into more of an overwhelmed feeling and wanting to just welt up in tears and curl in a ball from being unsure on where the item in mind is. 


I'm not sure if it's because of my mental illness or if it's because of my little self getting frustrated as she sometimes takes the backseats and not completely sheltered from big-me things.


When I did find the item though, I was immediately better, like nothing every happened...? I have been this way for a couple of years now ... 


Does anyone else feel the same ?  :unsure: 

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Guest Dulci

I've experienced the same. It's a horrible feeling;  I was told it was a symptom of an anxiety; you mentioned your mental illness - as it's rather vague I'm not going to assume anything. 


(Note, this is all my opinion, I'm not a medical expert. Just experience anxiety before) Have you heard of "5,4,3,2,1"? You might find that useful in a situation like this; Think about 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch (and touch them), 2 things  you can smell or like the smell of, and 1 slow, deep breath. It might help when you're out and this happens; I know you mention that when you've found the item it's gone, but what happens if you don't find the item? It's good to bring yourself out of it anyway. 


​I'd highly recommend seeing a Therapist if you haven't already! I suffered from extreme panic attacks last year, I found the most amazing lady who really helped and I've been free of them for 7 months. So, really do want to push the get help. They'll give you the tools to handle situations like this too!

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I used to experience a similar thing. I grew up in a very small town and when I moved to the city shops were bigger and there were more people and it often got too much for me. I know that mine was linked to anxiety, but I cannot say what yours is obviously. 


I would get frustrated, then overwhelmed by the frustration. I hope this is going to make some sense but.... I would be frustrated at not finding the thing and then I'm frustrated at myself for getting frustrated because I thought I shouldn't feel that way. I felt like it's just an item and if I take the time to keep looking or if I ask someone it won't be a big deal, so why get frustrated? I started overthinking and then I felt overwhelmed because it's a big reaction for a small issue and it just wound me up. I learned to sit back and take a breath and bring myself back in. I was struggling with the change of lifestyle but my therapist was great. There was always just more going on than I was used to so I needed to ground myself and she helped me find ways to do that. It took a lot of time and failed attempts but I got there. 


So you are definitely not alone in this. You just need to find ways to cope and settle yourself. It's different for everyone and it might take some time to find a way, but just keep trying and you'll get there. :) 

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Guest Appacheian
I’ve never liked large busy shopping malls. It can become overwhelming when your trip isn’t going as planned and difficult to focus with all that’s going on around you. So what I’ve started to do is write a plan before I go and stick to it. I write what I’m looking for and where I will look for it. I take this with me. If they don’t have it then where else can I look? If I exhaust my options to find it then I accept that it’s not going to happen that day and come home. I can always try another day with my list when shops restock.
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Guest Looby-Lou

I get overwhelmed easily when I'm really tired. And sometimes of course I still have to do stuff regardless of being really tired!

Like some of the others have said, I learned to recognise the frustration or panic and try to deal with it before it gets on top of me.  Steady breathing, distraction, removing myself from the situation (like go out the busy shop and collect my thoughts until I'm ready to go back in).


It's great that you've recognised what's happening. Now you can deal with it (YES, you can). Maybe write down some things you can try next time this happens (ideas like people have suggested above) and keep this list with you ALWAYS. Read it frequently even when you're just sitting around at home, so it sinks into your mind. And it's the first thing you look at when the frustration starts to build. Think of it like having your own little toolbox with you to fix your problem. As you practice different techniques, you'll find what works for you and you can modify your list.  

Good luck, and let us know if you come up with any original ideas - maybe you'll help other people too :)

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I have bad anxiety, and due to that this happens to me often in places such as malls or Walmart. My other issue is my anger issues. Me being overwhelmed because I'm anxious and in an environment I'm not comfortable being in paired with how angry I get when I can't find what I'm looking for is very, very bad for my mental health. Unfortunately my mom never thought my depression/anxiety was serious enough for me to see anyone about it, so I've been dealing with my issues on my own for almost 10 years. And I don't have any healthy ways of coping with my anger, anxiety or depression. :l


I like the 5,4,3,2,1 idea mentioned above. I think the next time I get overwhelmed and anxious/angry I'll give it a try. If you find something that works for you, please let me know so I can try it. :)

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