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Good Morning!


I just had this really fun and exciting dream and thought I should share it with all of you ^^


We were having a forum meet up/party round someone's house

It was my first time meeting everyone. I was a bit nervous so I decided to bring two friends with me. The thing is, I only told them it was a Batman themed party, not a ddlg meet up.


So everything starts fine, I'm a bit shy so I just stick with my friends having occasional conversations with some of you.


But then, all the other littles started to act as littles and I got scared that my friends would get freaked out. In the end, they seemed fine with it, they kind of figured it out for themselves.


Then I go to the bathroom, and there was a daddy dressed in a gorilla suit. He says "boo" and I giggle and run away. This starts a game of hide and seek/tag with a few of the littles and daddies. What shocked me the most was, once I was little in my dream I was acting younger than I usually do (2-4 vs 5-8) and my little voice sounded a bit different (I've never acted fully little around any one, it just shines through sometimes).


Then comes my turn to seek, but I get really tired, so I start crawling along the hallway till I fall asleep on the floor. (Wow very classy Connie :lol: )

I hear a few peoples' voices, and someone picks me up and he asks my friends to come with him so that he can drive us home.


End - I wake up



For any of you wondering, I would never invite friends to a meet up/playdate (if allowed in the rules) unless I'd feel comfortable telling them about ddlg and what it means etc before the meet up/playdate. I also hope I'll never fall asleep like that in front of anyone. :$


This was also my first dream as a little. In other dreams where I acted as a child I actually looked like one, there I was myself!  :D


Do any of you also have some nice fun dreams to tell? 

They can be on any topic.

I hope we can share some epic dream experiences ^_^

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