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Things to do in Littlespace and for my Daddy


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Hi, I haven't been a little for very long, and I don't have lots of little stuff yet, so what can I do in littlespace and other cute things I can do/make for my daddy? I so far have a paci and a sippy :p

If it's crafts, maybe give some craft ideas, cause I haven't gone 'little shopping' yet :blush:  

Thank you!

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I believe there is a biiiig arts and craft thread in the forum. :3 apart from that.


I have crafted a lot of stuff, Christmas ornaments, box to hold my Pacis. You can also decorate your Pacis with rhinestones! Let your imagination flow. Make bad crafting stuff and redo it, make it better! Me and my daddy recently made a to do list which is also my reward chart. I bought some pretty glitter paper to put around the wooden frame then put some butterfly stickers and it was already beautiful.

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I don't have a caregiver or any little gear but the thing I like to do the most is bake and watch little movies. You could build a pillow fort and bake cookies or cupcakes and decorate them with your daddy and then watch whatever little shows you like or you could host a "tea party" even if it's pretend 

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