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Identity Crisis


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In January, my best friend and I realized that we belonged to each other and it's been beautiful. However, I went into this thinking I was going to be the sub, and I was SO wrong. I became her Daddy, as soon as she said the word. I, embarrassingly, even tried to fight my instincts. Am I the only person who's preconception of themselves in a DDlg relationship was the total opposite of who they really are?
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A lot of ppl end up in situations like yours. Especially as the sub, it is easy to want to pretend to be the Dom, just so u can please ur partner. From what I gather, it usually doesn't last tho. It can become hard and tiresome to keep denying who u really are and pretending to be something you're not. It's just a matter of icompatiability. Unless, ofc, u genuinely enjoy being the Dom, and maybe she is willing to switch roles with u from time to time. It seems like some miscommunication from the beginning however, since u entered the dynamic thinking u will be the sub, but she flipped the script on u. It might be helpful to revisit the topic of expectations, if u desire to be in a subbie role like u intended.
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Guest Little Otter

I was a woman's dom/cg last year for a few months. I was introduced to DDLG in that manner, and I assumed I should just be the dom. It got weird sometimes, and there were times where I often tried to submit to her in a lot of ways, which made the dynamic very interesting. I didn't thoroughly realize I was a little/sub until months later after more research and investigation into the community. So for me it was kind of the opposite of your experience, but similar story.

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