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Worries about being alone forever..

Guest littlepuppycub

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Guest littlepuppycub

I know it sounds drastic... but it’s a feeling I can’t shake.. idk why I’m never what people want.. i can’t help but feel like I’ll be alone forever.. what will I do if I never find someone..I mean I know I’d still be happy and stuff.. but I don’t really enjoy the chance of actually being alone forever.. that just means I was never good enough for anyone to stick around..


Does anyone know of ways to stop thinking these thoughts.. if not it’s okay I understand

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Guest Kerjin

littlepuppy, I know just where you're coming from and I'm a Daddy.


You see, I've been through 5 long-term relationships, all of which had some form of BDSM involved in them and each of them ended with them leaving, usually with someone else. 5 times, I was in a relationship of 6 or more years, 5 times I'd gotten to where I'd thought that I was going to grow old with them, and 5 times where they left me.


All alone.


After the last one, I felt that I'd always be alone. Especially given that I'm not a spring chicken anymore, not the age that most littles want their Daddy to be, not the body type most littles want their Daddy to be, not anything anyone wants.


And this time was worse. After this break up (Going our separate ways) and moving to a new town where I knew no one, plus outfitting a house from scratch (I only left with my clothes and my computers), I started to look into the dating scene online. And it was nothing but a fish market, full of Catfishes everywhere.


So, I decided that I was going to be alone.


And then, one day recently, I wrote something in one of the forums here and it got some traction and a few people responded and I even got a few friend requests after it was posted. I accepted those friends and started talking to them, expecting nothing at all. And yet, one of them kept talking to me and we moved to Skype and one thing led to another and before we realized it, we were together.


Now she's mine. She's so beautiful and sweet and kewl and everything. She's needy, she's a brat sometimes, she's everything I ever wanted. She's the perfect little match to my Daddy and it's heaven. It's overwhelming sometimes to realize that it was a simple chance friend request because of a post that I made that brought us together. And I am thankful. Every. Single. Day.


tl:dr - Please hang in there, talk to your friends here, be yourself and you WILL find your someone. I promise.


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I think everyone feels that way sometimes. I know I have felt it many times before, but I learned to realise it's just a silly thought. It's one of those things that you just need to realise isn't worth focusing on and try to put it out of your mind. There's no point getting down over what may or may not happen in the future. 


Sometimes people find "the one" sooner than others and that's okay. It's worth waiting for someone who loves you completely and unconditionally. You never know when it will happen so thinking about it that much is not productive. So focus on now. Focus on yourself and things you can do that make you happy. Just be you. Learning to let go of those thoughts just takes some time. 

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Guest LeftyGuitar

I've had a lot of failed relationships. Being an introvert, I don't feel lonely all the time, though I do admit it does suck and hurt when a relationship fails. I know what's it like to go through one after another and it never going anywhere or working out. I've tried many different things and yet they all failed on me. Eventually I became content to a degree that I don't need a relationship. I mean it would be nice, but I don't need to be one. Of course this is just me. You know what they say keep trying and something will come along. You can also try not actively looking for one, usually people find what they want when they are not looking for it. Just thought I'd weigh in on this.

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Certainly not alone. I’ve had two littles that I thought I would love forever, and they both were not who I thought.


It comes down to chance, but in a way you’re also in charge. You have to keep hoeing the garden so to speak. If you don’t, then how will you plant? How will things grow?


Think of being alone like being in winter. It’s cold yes, but it is needed for that blessed summer warmth.

I hope that helps :)

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'i can’t help but feel like I’ll be alone forever'


tldr; been there, done that. got over it.




I hit puberty late in high school, so I was among the shortest in class (tho almost a year younger than everyone else as I skipped). Anyway the whole time I kept thinking I was going to be alone forever. 


During my jr and sr year, girls from 1-2 grades below me started asking me out on dates. Then one from my grade.


I always quit them after 1-2 dates, consumed with the thought that they weren't attracted to me + a crush I had on someone else. Three of these girls were later voted a Beauty in the HS year book. 


But happy ending, in college, at 18 years and 4 months old, I finally lost my virginity to a cute townie and 3-5 nights of sex a week for 3-4 months til their 3rd shift parents came home from work early and caught us.


Then there was a point in time where girls would approach me first. Thank god those days are over... 38-43 was awesome


Then I reached that point where I could think: alone or not alone, I choose my reaction.



A far cry from that kid I used to be crying on the hood of his car thinking he's going to be alone forever or about that crush I had on someone.



And I'm not alone now. I've been vanilla dating the same woman since april. 


ps: she's waify model thin, yet my preference is more towards bbw. Like Adele... totally hit that.


pps: yes, you too, will have your day. 
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