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Scrub tops for Littles


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Walking through Walmart I saw some Sesame Street scrub tops in the clearance section.  Looking online, I saw that there are lots and lots of different scrub tops.  Lots of cute ones like Little Mermaid and Wonder Woman.  Any type of flowers, animals and most anything else you can think of.  Most of them are about $12 dollars with some a little lower and some higher.  You can wear these with pants, shorts or just panties as they are longer than regular top.


This was the site I was looking at, but there are a lot more.  http://www.uniformadvantage.com/pages/dpt/women-print-tops.asp


Lots of Littles are always looking for cute clothes and thought this had great selection and prices are reasonable.

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I work in healthcare so I am SO excited to see this. I have some littleish scrub tops but they are mostly hearts and butterflies. I have 1 Mickey mouse top and 1 Alice in Wonderland top tho! EEE I'm gonna buy cute scrubs <3 

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