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Memory making.


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What’s up guys?


I have a ton of favorite memories with my little (and past littles even) we believe they contribute to who we are so why ignore good memories with an ex just because they are just that. An ex.


Some of my favorite memories with my little would be the small things like traditions we make up for our own little family. The ridiculous conversations we have had over the years and just plain making us laugh. Remembering back when we were both young college kids thinking a packed lunch meat sandwich a hike in the trails and sex in the meadows was the best thing ever. Teaching her to drive a manual.


What are your favorite memories so far tops and bottoms too?

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Guest QueenJellybean

in my polycule, we have a couple of official holidays or events that we always do every year with whomever is available.

The Giant & I have been together for over eight years so we've created a lot of those memories & then let the rest of our family into our weird little world. 

it's been really wonderful to watch memories we have of a place that is important to us change & develop as we add people. 


we go away to a cabin in the mountains for a festival every october. 

we celebrate spanksgiving & have a huge, polya family only thanksgiving dinner in november. 

we have "second christmas" in december where we have visits & do christmas a second time, complete with an early bedtime & leaving cookies for Santa. 

we celebrate "poly day" instead of valentine's day & send everyone valentine's & chocolate in the mail. 

we also try to go away on a beach trip every summer! 

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We are Master/Daddy and slave/pet, not top and bottom, but we have so many wonderful memories already, after less than a year ago.

We are both in a long distance walking group (i joined on His request. It's a big passion of His), and have been on a few lovely walking breaks away.

Our collaring was a beautiful experience. So emotional and beautiful.

Our first Christmas together, Christmas morning spent with my kids and also a bit of the time with His. Starting off that morning, sitting up in bed opening our presents to one another.

One of our first bike rides, He was ahead as usual, and i called out "my god, i adore You!!" and He did an exaggerated fist pump and called back "yes!!" Hehe.

The first time He told me He loved me. He was very careful about that. Very practical and careful Man, that made Him wary of saying it too soon. So i was patient and waited. After a few weeks, we got to His apartment,sat down on His couch, and He said He loved me. i wasn't sure i had heard Him right, so said "pardon?", lol.

Our first weekend in His motorhome. Playing board games and drinking tea.

i could go on. The whole of the last ten months is a beautiful run of memories, that we keep adding to every moment we are together.

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I have so many memories with my Daddy! After 13 years together, we've accumulated a few.


One of my favorites is when he asked me to be his girlfriend. He said "I've been looking and looking for the perfect girl for me, and the whole time she was right in front of my face." That got me 100%.


Of course when he said "I love you" the first time.


When he surprised me with tickets to the spring BadFish festival for our anniversary.


When our daughter was born.


Our wedding...


I could go on and on forever!

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