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How to be Little during the day?


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my Daddy and I are in a long distance relationship. We video chat every night but twice a week (if we manage to) we have 'little nights'. This is where I get to be completely little and I'll colour in, read magazines, or him and I will both open a Kinder Egg on video to see what we get etc.

It works well... BUT


I wanna work on feeling more little throughout the day, in my daily life. Particularly if we know we're having a little night, sometimes he'll send me random messages in the day like 'are you being a good girl?', and it helps me get into a 'little mindset' throughout the day a bit more which THEN helps me with feeling little that same night on video.

However we're struggling to find other ways to interact during the day to help me feel little. We want to build it up more during the day but are really only limited to messages.

In short, my question is: I'm looking for more ways my Daddy can interact with me via txt messages to make me feel little.
So far I've got:

  • Asking me to draw a picture for him, ready to show him on our little night
  • Checking up on random stuffs like... if I've ate/drank enough water that day


But that's it :( Being in an LDR ddlg relationship is difficult stuffs, and I want to feel more little with him during the day. But that's not easy when we're pretty much limited to msgs and maybe phonecalls (I understand I can do my own stuffs in private like colouring and watching cartoons, but I'm more looking for ways for my Daddy and I to interact with one another)



If you read all of that, and got this far, thank you so much >_<
Any advice is appreciated lots and lots.

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Have you thought of having your Daddy pick out your outfits for the day or maybe what meals to eat etc;? If you don't want to give up total control you can always send him your top 3 choices and let him make the final decision, I do this with my stuffies some nights when I just can't decide who to cuddle :p
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Hello there,
I once had a very similar issue when I had a mommy about 6 months back, but ever since I've become single I've realized that being little is a feeling that I can also put upon myself. If you just take a few moments to relax, somewhere safe and where you wont be interrupted by other people. You can assist yourself in feeling little. I have a collection of teddies that I can cuddle when I want to drop into littlespace, I can play and be silly in my safe space.
I realize this doesn't answer the question of what your daddy could do, but it is something you could do for yourself. 
Hope this helps! Hugs and cuddles
Princess Baby Dragon xxx

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Having a cute little task check list is a cute way to stay feeling little throughout the day! You can also keep subtle things that make you feel little on your person or in your bag! When i work I'll keep my cute little snoopy keychain on my purse so i can look at it and feel small when i have the time! Your daddy could also have you do little time related objectives at random! Like if he knows you're out on a walk he can say "hey babygirl can you find me a very pretty leaf?" and you can find the prettiest one and send him a picture! Scavenger hunts are also fun! He could give you a list of things to send him pictures of and find throughout your day!
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