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Meaning of a dream

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First off I'm so sorry for your loss, it must of been a very hard thing to go through :( Secondly I'm not very good at dream analysis so I'm sorry if my thoughts sound basic or amateur as I'm sure you've already thought of them but perhaps it's a fear of being forgotten? You said you've been struggling with lack of attention from your Daddy so maybe you feel he's forgotten you in some sense?
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did you by any chance think that you try to ask your fathers` help and he is not there for you?

that he doesnt listen to your pray or when you try to talk to him?

or the general idea of a father not being there for you as you want him to be?


this is not bad visit from the dead.

In dreams we should never give food to the dead, or water.

And if they ask for it, usually they dont have a nice time where they are. 

If a dead asks you for anything in the dream, do not give it. 

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My father also passed away, and I have a lot of really strange dreams about him that totally contradict "real life."


Is it possible that you feel like you're forgetting him?

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