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Blackhole [trigger warning]

Salems lot

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The whole room was silent, for a few moments at least. The mother sobbing holding her child was quiet almost.

I was the screaming and pleading and begging and threatening and hating brother. I..I hated?

The doctors were silent, and gave me looks of pity as I returned it with looks of disgust and agony and seething anger. I felt the Black Hole in the room and I felt myself be stripped down and pulled apart and broken as it grew larger and larger.

I was in a shattered state, pitiful and embarrassing as I was swallowed whole. I was true in my emotions, I think for the last time I ever was.

For months and still I was and am a cracked shell masquerading as a rock for those who need one, sympathetic with ice for blood and a blurry reflection.

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