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Just discovering this part of myself


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I am so new to this. It's so nice to have this safe space for myself, though..especially when I'm not doing good with my depression v.v I just have so many questions.. how does everyone figure out their age? How does everyone find time to be little? I keep finding myself fighting regressing and it's making me so much moodier. Just excited to have people to talk to
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Age: I just...knew my age.  Like, felt what it was.  It's really more of a range...around 4-7, with younger regression being more of a needy, clingy, sleepy type of little space, and older regression being more playful, excited type of little space.

Time: I don't really find time.  I'm good at compartmentalizing, so usually if I'm at work, I'm in big space.  I work with kids, so my brain goes to the place where I am protecting little people who need me to be big, and unless I get hurt, or we are really playing, I stay pretty big, or at least stay somewhere in between.  At night when I get sleepy I usually slip into little space.

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I find time to be little by making it part of every part of my day- drinking/eating from cute cups and plates, planning my outfit so it looks most cute, having a planner that i cann colour in and draw myself, cute accessories like frozen keyrings, picking out snacks that i feel are most little, writing up lists of chores i have to do, even just simply thinking throughout the day "What would Daddy say, would he want me to eat a whole chocolate cake?" Or "Woah I did lots today, Daddy would be so proud!" there are soooo many ways to intergrate being little into your day even if you feel like you don't have time :)
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