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Care For Me


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So I wrote this a while back, but when I saw this site had a creative forum where people posted poetry, I thought I'd give it a try. :blush:



Care For Me


I'm holding onto theses things that bring me down

And I know I'll have to let go or I'll drown

But the fingers of my mind grasp it tight 

As I feel the overwhelming power of my fright


I feel I'm sinking past these people

And forever never equal

I'm lost in a forest long forgotten

As I'm falling to the bottom


Trees cut down for wood and fire

By a corporation's deepest desire

Buy me a peach, buy me a pear

But you want gold while this Earth needs care


I want to help and make it better

To take away your sickest pleasure

But I'm just a kid, too young to know

So what will it take for a plant to grow?


And if I'm bleeding, would you stop?

If I'm hurting, would you not

Please, I need your compassion

I need to see a reaction


Something here needs to change

Everythign is just too strange

Selfish love and selfish lust

Create mistrust in the two of us.


- Nicole 

22 October 2016

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Really nice poem, I liked that it touched on someone who is aware of their own demons and thinks of the not just themselves but all broken things in the world. The ending was touching and sad, I hope that you can share more.
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