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Meow kitten collars


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I'm wondering if anyone has personally bought a online kitten collar with a bell on it. I have searched everywhere and i wanna make sure that i get one that will fit my neck! And overall how was shipping time and pricing. Tank you
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I've never bought one because I find them to be a bit overpriced for what they are, how much work goes into them, and the cost of materials. I made my own and have made many for friends because materials only cost about $2 and they only take a few minutes to make. :p If you know how to sew you should give making your own a go. You'll save money, have exactly what you want in the right size, and you won't have to wait for shipping times. :p


Usually kitten collars just have a ribbon tie so they'll fit a range of neck sizes. If you're going to buy one message the seller for the size and you should be safe. If you don't want to wait too long find in stock collars and ask the seller what shipping methods they have and the estimated delivery times. ^^

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Guest Doe-

I vote for diy! Cheaper and you can customize however you’d like.


I have a collar that was purchased online but it’s not a kitten collar for there’s no bell. But it locks shut ^___^


When it was purchased you sent your neck measurements and it’s made special for you.

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Meow. I have never ordered one, but I would also go the diy route, or have a friend make you one.


Btw, this is the first topic I have found that refers to pets. Are there others? I am feeling like ddlg is not a place for my kitty self.

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