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Can't be hurt again....

Guest MoxleyJane

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Guest MoxleyJane

I've recently entered a new relationship and with that new relationship has come the reveal of my little side.

When my boyfriend found out about my little side he was super receptive and said that it was something he'd totally be down for indulging. Although I profusely rejected his advances this was great to hear, especially after my little side came between my last relationship. I swore I'd never be little in front of another boyfriend ever again and have had trouble slipping on my own. 

Today I decided to let him have a small glimpse of my little space by talking to him about my most prized little possession--My stuffed dinosaur. This somehow led to him making hurtful jokes about how the dinosaur was stupid and that he would 'never speak to her.'  

Although this does seem very trivial to be hurt over. I'm not sure what to do.  I did bring it up to him that saying he was willing to indulge this and then insulting it was super hurtful, which he agreed was so, but then two seconds later he went back to make hurtful jokes again. Should I go back to ignoring my little side? Should I try to bring him into this aspect of my life another time with a different subject? Should I just give up bringing him into this part of my life and just indulge in it on my own?

Any advice would be helpful!



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Guest LittleMapleBear

The only advice I can give is again talk to your partner and reiterate that him making these jokes is actually very hurtful, and it is making you reticent about sharing your little side with him. It may be that he doesn’t understand the effect of his words, or doesn’t understand the depth of how much it affects you.


All you can do is clearly and concisely explain how his actions make you feel, set boundaries, and then act accordingly if those boundaries are not respected.


I do hope your talk goes well and you are both able to iron out this misunderstanding.

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