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So, several people have asked me to post some of my work, so I thought I would post a couple of my poems first, and see if anyone wants to read more before posting any stories. 

Please be nice, It's taking a great deal of courage to share publicly.




Child of the Forest 
There is a child of the forest,
He lives where the mountain gives up the stream.
I've seen this child of the forrest,
Running through the fields of green.
He plays with the creatures of the wood,
He learns from the people of the trees.
They teach him the evil will never beat good,
And to play the song of the breeze.
He is of human birth this boy,
But His heart and his spirit are of the Fae.
Of plastic and rubber he owns no toy,
He lives but to learn the way.
There is a child of the forest,
He lives where the mountain gives up the stream.
He is one of the people of the forest.
He will teach me the way of the dream.
Then I will be a child of the forest,
And I will live the life of the Fae.
Perhaps then you will come to the forest,
And I will show you the way.
A smile, a look, a word......
Ignite in me a currious response
A touch, a kiss, a hug.....
Butn with my heart.
Passion flares, flames in my mind
Then nothing
Another love gone
Alone again.
A Walk In The Rain 
Hand in hand walking through the mist
Warm sprin rain showering down
Sidewalks steam as water hits hot stone
Gutters glisten as water and oil wash away
Grass sparkles with drops like diamonds
Pausing to watch childern splashing in puddles
Red and Yellow boots flashing in pools of dark water
Umbrellas darting here and there
Laughter mixing with the swish of cars on wet streets and the patter of drops  on leaves
She turns to look at him.
Her hair dark with rain, her face framed with stray curls.
She blinks away droplets as they splash her eyes
Her nose wrinkles as they run down her cheeks
His damp shirt clings to the muscles of his arms and chest.
Her eyes close as she drinks in the smell of fresh clean air
A sigh, soft and content
He pulls her close
A kiss, sof and tender the taste of rain on full sweet lips
She leans into him, her head on his shoulder
Her cheek moist and warm on his neck
The rain slows
Sun beams break through the clouds
Children abandon puddles for bicycles and balls
Now arm and arm they walk on through the mist    
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From purely an outsider looking in.  Lots of poetry I don't get, its sometimes just words strung together that are difficult to follow.

Your writing just kind of pulls you in like a song.  Being descriptive without being overly dramatic you are spot on.  Such a nice soft tone to it makes it very enjoyable.  To be more than just words, writing has to take your mind to that place and let you feel it.  These do a good job of that.

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