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Don't tap on this status. Don't like it or read it.

Screw your approval. I really don't need it.

Attention and friendship? I'm better without it.

The rest of your friend list is jealous, undoubted.

Dare to be fair with your likes and your shares?

Comments and compliments: why would I care?

I post like a ghost 'cause I'm shy and aware

That the smile in my profile is hiding despair.

Don't tap on this status. You're probably busy.

Don't give it a glimpse. Go and click on the kitty,

A picture of somebody's dinner they ordered,

The clip on your wall, or the cause you supported.

I'm first to reject any personal message;

Your virtual sense of respect is mismanaged.

Don't gift me your pity. Don't think that it matters.

Don't want satisfaction? Don't tap on this status.

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Thank you much, Mossy. I'm glad you enjoyed the irony of my cry for inattention :) I have a deep appreciation for the duality of life; I think that balance is important. Thank you for your kind - and very dope - words.
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