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General Advice for Newbies


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So um, I'm not trying to mini mod or anything, I just thought that, maybe this should be somewhere.


For caregivers:

I'd advise making your profile more 'little friendly'

Meaning add a profile picture that suits you, whether it's a cartoon or not.

Add COLOR!! Littles love color and cute things, so think about adding a background.

If you wanna learn more about how littles act and think go to the Little Space topic and just read.


For Littles:

I'd say, fill out your profile, make it about you, you'll feel more at home here!

It's alright to be shy, take it slow if you need to!

Read the topics and look at how many things there are that you're interested in too!

Get involved in the chat, even if you just watch.


For Any Newbie:


If you are able to, jump on in and start reading all the different topics and posting.

There's a lot of information, and being more involved and having more posts will get you more friends.

If you have anxiety though, instead of jumping in all at once, it's easier to ease yourself in, you know, like find one topic that you're interested in, and find one section of that topic and start there. It makes everything a lot less overwhelming.

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