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Helping your little?


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Hi umm.. so, I hope this is an okay forum to put this topic. I recently began a MDLG long-distance relationship with a wonderful Mommy but we're a few days in and talking about helping me get into littlespace. Many of my triggers are in-person things that wouldn't really include her (coloring, movies which we could stream together but yeah..) or physical things she can't exactly to for me long-distance. I'm wondering what other caregivers might do for their long-distance littles to help them get into littlespace. Any ideas or suggestions are very appreciated :3 Thank you!

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Guest QueenJellybean



i'm not a caregiver anymore, but i am in a long distance relationship with a caregiver figure. 

He has me color /with/ Him on Skype, which helps a lot more than just a coloring assignment.

we'll do online shopping together, like finding cute sippy cups and onesies online. 

reading together is another great one that can be done at a distance, having a bedtime story before bed. 

hallmark also makes recordable storybooks where your partner can read the story, record it in the book & send it to you so you can read the book with their voice whenever you want. 


eating dinner together, especially little foods & cooking, can also be done on skype or on a video call. 

have your partner pick what you should eat that night & make it while you talk to them! 

then, have them make something similar & share a meal together. 


care packages are great too! 

you can exchange letters, send each other surprises, & even stuff like stuffed animals & tee-shirts that smell like the one you love. 


good luck!

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I really found this information helpful - I struggle with activities I can take part with my little when she is half a world away and sometimes up to a 10-hour time difference.


Thank you!

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