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Cigar smokers?


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I've been smoking cigars since I was rather young, and I have yet to find any connoisseurs or casual smokers on this site (shocking, I know.) 



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Haha I don’t smoke really. Sometimes very very rare I’ll smoke a tobacco pipe though. Not the same but I don’t know any littles that even do that on occasion. A lot of smokers I know vape now.
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Guest depth_of_field_ddlg

I miss cigars, it's just too much nicotine at once and leaves a bad taste in your mouth and nasal passages that I don't get with other "flower".


However, the right cigar with the right draw is so smooth and pleasant, and lovely for special occasions, vacations, birthdays, ect. Paired with a nice sipping whiskey. Thick, heavy clouds of smoke that give vapers a run for their money.

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