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what is your little like?


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Hi everyone I'm new to this, sort of, but I'm new here ^u^

Can you describe your little side?

I'm still trying to find out more about my little side >.< all I know is that I'm 11 with 5 year old tendencies ^^ I love coloring :3

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I'm 22 with a 4 year old little side. So far this is the longest I've been in little mode and I only had one days break when I ended up in hospital because my big space brain got sick. My little mode has been fun. Daddy has been nice and gentle because I have a cold and I've been whiny. At the moment Daddy knows I'm in bratty mode :p I'm still spoilt heaps. I so far have been buying my own stuffies as Daddy says he is searching for the right one, just for me. I even have a fur real pet that is a kitty. Kitty plays peek a boo with me. :wub:

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I'll give you an outline as larger more detailed chunks can be easily found by anyone here cos I've talked about for the very reason you've posed the question.

The first and painful start to understanding this side of me is a large portion of it comes from medical side as simply vast tracts of my abilities and general functioning are incapable of developing beyond an emotional age of 12 and sometimes falling below that which is in my medical records at which point I'll politely ask y'all not to feel sorry for me as I may well of drifted into littledom anyway.

The first time I had a hazy indication of how 'little' I was was around the age 10 when I found it hard to get into some the playground activities of my peers and as the years went by into high school the gaps between some bits of my intelligence and the remainder just got more pronounced, not being helped at all by suffering noticable brain damage in a freak playground accident in my mid teens.

I was always into the things which being a few years younger than my peers were  were not seen as cool so often played with younger kids themselves as one of them and from that point also experimented more with dressing younger when I could be alone, and usually wore more younger styles that I could get past my folks when not.

Fast forwarding it was more in my twenties, I started getting more into things like plushies, watching more cartoons and childrens programs sometimes running around outdoor fairs clutching dolls and plushies, jumping up and down excitedly to the constinatation of some  other adults although I'd say that was one area where having been seen as having 'special needs' helped as I got  more leeway for just being more my emotional age than perhaps a good many.

It wasn't really until I got online with help, that I was able to find more about that whole area of adults who are more child-like as as strange as it might seem, back then I had no words to easily call it which makes searching hard and having explored some sites, found one that was more for 'adult little girls' without some of the 'forced stuff' of other sites, who were usually around four thru 12 although there were a few who more more mid/late teen who I made close friends with  to the point of attending parties, sleepovers and spending several days away together in a big group just being little amongst others just having fun.

Around that time I got back into colouring, playing on the floor with dollies and watching disney movies.

There's nothing like being out with other littles letting your inner child out.

When it comes to presentation I have for want of a better word 'play' clothes, thing I can just run around playing things like playing improvised rounders in, things for parties and at other times I do wear UK school uniform (as American's who know about Harry Potter might well get, most schools this side of the pond have Uniform).

When I'm in Ikklespace chat I do drop down sometimes around about 9 at times just typing away more childlike words as they come to me being in that headspace (I have to pinch myself at times on more 'groan up' sites to use regular alternatives).

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my little is still developing, too! and i've been with my Daddy for almost 6 months!!! lol. when i'm little i am VERY bratty. i like getting more attention than usual because big girl pixi feels like she has to be in the shadows a lot. big girl pixi has been told that she's "too much," so little girl pixi is a little more comfortable being the center of attention. my little is around 8-10. she likes disney movies and my little pony and ice cream and having her head rubbed! 

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Guest Penny

When I'm little I'm about 5 or 6. I'm very shy but very playful once I open up. I like to describe myself as a princess tomboy in that I love everything pink and sparkly but at the same time I like superheroes, running around in the woods and I don't particularly like dresses but i would rather wear shorts.


I like cute clothes and stuffed animals, my paci and my sippy are a must an while I enjoy my little foods like Mac and cheese and candy I also enjoy, almost more so veggies fruits and other healthy nibbles. I did even when I was a kid.


Sometimes I can feel a bit older and I enjoy big kid video games, reading and drawing, that's when I feel about 10 or so and every once in a great while I can go as low as 2 or 3 and I enjoy my bottle and some sesame street. Thats usually before bed.

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