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Popin' Cookin'


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I really want to get a couple kits, but I've never seen any in person or known anyone who's tried them... They sell them on amazon for fairly affordable, and I thought I'd ask if anyone else has tried one yet and if they liked doing them/eating them? :3






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Thanks everyone,  :) 


I think I'll look for the non-edible ones then, or maybe a really gross edible one for when I want to play a trick on Daddy, heh :ph34r:

Are the non-edibles still called just Popin Cookin or do they sell them under another name?

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OH MY GOD! I tried the hamburger one, and it was DISGUSTING.


They're fun to make, though!

Lol same. Like I thought it was going to be at least slightly better but NOPE. It was all too sweet for me.


I definitely wanna get more though, it was fun to do.

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I've never tried these yet but they seem really fun to make!

I like watching youtube videos of Popin' Cookin', and it always makes me want to buy some.

I don't really care if they don't taste good, it's more for the fun of making them.


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