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Okay so, I've had a couple of weird vision experiences lately where my vision has "glitched" like square patches of my vision scramble almost and reassemble. It's weird to describe honestly, but it's happened before but there were months in between occurrences. The thing is, I've tried looking this up, but no dice. So I'm wondering if anyone here has expirenced anything similar or know what this thing is
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You should go to the eye doctor.


It could be linked to sooooo many things. If not the eye doctor then your family doctor. Good luck! Eyes are not something to play around with time wise so yeah. Doctor appointment for sure friend!

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Definitely see a doctor as soon as possible. While some people may try guess or offer suggestions the only person who can actually tell you what it is and what can be done about it is a professional. ^^

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Guest CollateralBeauty

I would definitely go see your doctor. I had been having similar issues back when I was in high school and it ended up being that I had a heart murmur.

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