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Little space all the time


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Now that I've recently discovered ddlg and what it means to be to be a little, in my mind I dont want to come out of little space. How do I train myself when is the right time for it? I currently dont have a daddy but I have a partner. I fully trust him but I don't know if he can be the daddy I'm looking for. I don't know what to do. I just want to be a little all the time now and I have no one to express it to.
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I'm little space all the time. I guess it helps that I grew up around adults to I know when and where to be responsible and when and where to be carefree.
I guess that just use your common sense, and don't be too hard on your little self. Like if you're going to work remember that you have to focus and that once you're out and done a good job you'll be able to be more carefree once you get home. ^_^

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I'm also little all the time. Sometimes I feel more small than others, but mostly this is just me, but I also know when to be a grown up. Just use good judgement and social cues. If you're in public, it's probably not appropriate to be (at least openly or loudly) in littlespace. 

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