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I was wondering in what ways littles show their affection and love to their Daddy?  & 

Daddies what makes you feel loved the most by your little?




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Guest QueenJellybean

i'm not in a typical ddlg relationship, but i do think of my partner (The Giant) as a caretaker for me. 

i try really hard to remember his favorite things & surprise him with little offerings that show i've been paying attention.

he likes the movie that just came out on netflix? i suggest we watch it on date night.

he's really into those sweets? i'll grab a bag if i see them while i'm out.

when i get myself a coffee, i'll grab a drink for him too on my way home. 


& i always, always, always remember to ask how his day went & i really listen when he answers.

it sounds simple, but it's the most important thing.

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I agree!

The little things. Favorites. Small touches. Verbal reassurance as well.


I think it depends on the guy and what ways he likes to receive affection.

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For my most recent partner I'd buy him small things or make him things. Like if he was feeling a bit down I'd buy him a coffee and some sweets (he was addicted to both lol). If he'd hard a super stressful day I'd get him a beer and have dinner or some kind of snack made so he could relax. And if I just wanted to surprise him I'd draw him a picture or set up a comfy place for us to watch TV or offer him a massage. Just simple things that showed him I was thinking of him. ^^ The best thing imo is to just be yourself and be there for them. Talk about whatever and do whatever. Make sure they're okay and their needs are met and be able to recognise when they need you to be there more for them or when they need a tiny bit of space and alone time. :) 


It really depends on what they like and what's possible, though. Some things aren't so easily with LDRs and some things might not interest the person. ><

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