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Tips for a new little?


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Hi! I'm new.


I'd love some tips on easy things to do to get into little space, and also anything else that would be good to know :)


I also do have a significant other but I don't intend to tell him about being a little; I dont think he would be interested in being a daddy.


Despite that, any tips on getting him to be daddylike without being a daddy would be great too!


Thanks in advance to anyone who answers! Also, I have tried some things that were posted in other threads about what makes one feel little or how one goes into little space, but they weren't really effective on me. Colouring was frustrating because it takes too long; I don't like most cartoons; doing my hair in braids or pigtails don't make me feel particularly little because it's one of my default hairstyles; I don't like drinking juice; etc :(

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I always think it's best to just relax and be you. Not everyone has a little space, and not everyone is in their little space all the time. Just do whatever makes you happy. I know you said colouring frustrates you, but maybe try simpler colouring pages? You need to find things you like and enjoy and it's hard to suggest things for you.


Have you tried slime? That seems popular amongst some here. As does that kinetic sand. You could try make bracelets or other simple jewellery. You can buy diy kits in a lot of stores for jewellery or painting your own figures or money box. You could try watching Disney movies, or try dressing up dolls with clothes you make for them. Or even try dressing yourself up :p  


I'm not a little so I have no idea what makes others feel little, but maybe check out Pinterest for kid's crafts or activities and see if anything interests you. ^^


Also... Communication is super important in relationships, and I personally think that is something to share with a partner. Even if he's not interested, it's a part of you and you should feel free to be who you are around him. ^^ And you never know if he'll be interested in being a daddy or not unless you communicate with him! 

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Guest SheepishPrince

As for tips on being a little, have you tried play with toys? I find that playing with my lps or my stuffies that I get deep into little space.


But with the daddy situation, just make sure you don't force him into anything!! You should always communicate your wants and needs, and if he isn't comfortable with it then you can't force it on him. Gotta keep it all SSC :3

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whenever i wanna feel little i watch cartoons or kids shows that make me feel little! or i play wif my toys, like the person said above. or i do simple colorin books (i have lotsa paw patrol and my little pony coloring books) or i drink from my sippie :3 its paw patrol sippies. in fact all my sippies are paw patrol hehe


those are my tips though, i hope they help!

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