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Realistic Dream Weekend


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If you could have a weekend to spend with Daddy doing anything you want...just you and Daddy...what would you do? If you and Daddy could also have another weekend where you join a small group of Daddies/Mommies and lgs/lbs you were close to..what would you do? The only "rule" is that it has to be something that can really happen. :)


My answers:



For a dream weekend with just Daddy, we would stay in one of those cool casino hotels in Reno. Daddy and I would just walk around Reno for two days, holding hands...looking at cars (for him)...guns (for him...I like target shooting but am horrible at it)...books...for me...stuffed animals...for me. We could eat wherever Daddy wanted.


For my dream weekend if we had a little group, we could let the Daddies/Mommies and lgs/lbs split up for the first day. I'd do whatever anyone else wanted, and just enjoy being with my friends, though I would hope we could have a day of beauty together. For the second day we could all go out in a big group.



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